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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

New Wacom Cintiqs Paint a Pretty Picture "Tailored around the increasing demands of creative professionals, Wacom® announces two new members of the Cintiq® family of interactive pen displays, the Cintiq 24HD touch and Cintiq 22HD. Artists and designers now have two new options for working directly on screen. As with the Cintiq 24HD, Wacom's latest Cintiqs feature best-in-class widescreen HD displays, ultra-wide viewing angles and premium color performance.  To give professional artists and designers enhanced focus on their work and creativity, Wacom introduces the powerful combination of a precision pen and natural multi-touch. With the addition of these models to the Cintiq lineup, anyone, from freelance industrial designers sketching in a small studio to Hollywood animators creating the next blockbuster movie, can find a Cintiq that best fits their workflow." via Reuters

Microsoft Buys Touch Screen Manufacturer Perceptive Pixel "“PPI’s large touch displays, when combined with hardware from our OEMs, will become powerful Windows 8-based PCs and open new possibilities for productivity and collaboration,” Microsoft Office division boss Kurt DelBene says." via HardwareCanucks

Microsoft Becomes a Display Maker: A New Vista for the Display Industry "The second question is will any of Microsoft's potential competitors respond by purchasing their own touch panel companies or maybe even other display technologies. As the marketing emphasis of new devices is increasingly wrapped around what kind of display the device has, will the major hardware OEMs or others in the market be content to buy common technology from display companies or will they want to own either the IP or or the supply chain to grant them unique competitive advantage." via Flat Panel Display Blog

Transparent displays gaining more attention from display makers "Since Samsung released its 46-inch transparent LCD touch screen display that has a contrast ratio of 4,500:1 with resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels and a 70% color gamut, it has revolutionized the way consumers will be able to interact with display screens, said sources. Sources said the displays could be used in a variety of ways such as for jewelry displays, freezer displays and vending machines etc., and will increase the ways LCD screens can be used in the future." via DigiTimes

Plastic Logic: Offering true display flexibility "Founded by researchers at Cambridge University’s Cavendish Laboratory in 2000, Plastic Logic is a leader in plastic electronics and has devoted its resources to the development of organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) technology. OTFT allows for the placement of electronics on increasingly thin, flexible electro-phoretic sheets made of rugged, durable plastic." via Manufacturing Digital

The Display Manufacturing Line at Plastic Logic's Dresden facility

Frost predicts sharp rise in in-car displays "The researchers predicted that the market for central displays in Europe alone will more than double to 9.5 million units by 2017 from 4 million units last year. In North America, the market will almost triple to 6 million units from 2.3 million units last year. ...Frost said the growing infotainment needs of drivers will also change the design of in-car screens. Drivers need, “large and intelligent information display systems,” to show all the content that’s available in the car, said Frost & Sullivan analyst Krishna Jayaraman." via Automotive IT

i-Pad-like capacitive touchscreen technology may be coming soon to an airline flight deck near you "Touchscreen technology isn't new for the most modern aircraft. The F-35 joint strike fighter, in fact, has touchscreen technology in the cockpit provided by Barco, but it's infrared touchscreen technology so that it works reliably with a gloved hand. Infrared touchscreens are out of the price ranges of most avionics designers. Capacitive touchscreen technology, however, is not." via Avionics Intelligence

The iPad: A Game-changer for the Digital Signage Industry? ""In just a few months' time," said Hintze, "we have worked with customers putting Android tablets into taxis, iPads as point-of-sale, conference room signage, kiosks for hotel concierges and payment terminals at retail stores. We will be highlighting many of these use cases as we continue to demonstrate the many ways tablets can be used beyond personal computing devices."" via Digital Signage Connection

Airbus develops electronic flight bag apps for iPad-wielding pilots ""By combining our EFB content with the world's most versatile mobile digital device, the iPad, airline pilots will be able to optimise aircraft performance in the palm of their hand, while obtaining savings in cost, weight, and time," said Airbus' Didier Lux. In addition to developing the apps, Airbus is now also adopting the iPad as a part of its Flight Test and Training Department, which will be using Apple's tablet as "standard practice from now on."" via The Verge

Are Wearables the Next Wave of Computing? "Display output is the most industry-confused part of the wearable equation.  The industry is confused on this because they are not thinking beyond today’s odd-looking Google Glass’s glasses form factor.  Over time, this display technology will be integrated as an option into your favorite’s brand of designer glasses. You will not be able to tell what are regular glasses and ones used for wearables.  Contact lenses are being reworked as well.  Prototypes already exist for contact lenses that work as displays, so like all emerging tech, will make it into the mainstream over time.  The final, yet most important aspect to the wearable display is that every display within viewing distance will be a display.  Based on advancements in wireless display technology and the prevalence of displays everywhere, your wearable will display data in your car, your office, the bathroom mirror, your TV, your refrigerator…… pretty much everywhere." via Tech.pinions


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