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Thursday, July 12, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Sony's 25" Full-HD medical -grade OLED monitor now shipping "Sony announced today that the Trimaster EL PVM-2551MD (announced back in September 2011) is now shipping. The PVM-2551MD is a 25" Full-HD monitor for the medical industry. It uses the same panel used in Sony's professional HD monitors (such as the recently announced BVM-F250). The panel is the first OLED panel to get an FDA approval for use in surgery." via OLED-Info

Microsoft Acquiring Perspective Pixel Inc. Means Huge TouchScreens To Be Future WhiteBoards "Jeff Han, the founder of PPI who pioneered the multi-touch technology,has made PPI sell 27-inch, 55-inch, and 82 inch multi-touch displays. With this acquisition, Microsoft is trying to rove its feet deeper into the hardware field following the launch of its Surface tablet. We might soon see Microsoft’s Mega TouchScreens used in educational institutes and offices as whiteboards." via CrazyEngineers

The iPad Mini-The iPad Enterprises Have Been Waiting For "CIOs won't care if the screen is smaller or not Retina-enabled. It will be good enough for enterprise apps, while just bad enough to discourage workers from turning it into their primary gaming machine. A lower-res screen also means requires fewer bits sent and received over the network - key when you're on a 3G data plan. It also means longer battery life - again key for field service, salespeople and other out-of-office workers." via ZDNet

Forget glasses: MIT’s new 3D technology works with just your naked eyes “Holography works, it’s beautiful, nothing can touch its quality,” says Douglas Lanman, a postdoc at the Media Lab. “The problem, of course, is that holograms don’t move. To make them move, you need to create a hologram in real-time, and to do that, you need … little tiny pixels, smaller than anything we can build at large volume at low-cost. So the question is, what do we have now? We have LCDs. They’re incredibly mature, and they’re cheap.” via Demas Capital Partners Blog

Alliances increase between China-based TV vendors and panel makers "These alliances have been and will continue to be win-win situations for both vendors and panel makers as global competition has been increasing. Various TV vendors have said that competition with value-added products such as high-end LED TVs that have social functions can no longer be the only basis for competition in the market; rather, making alliances in the supply chain will be even a larger factor." via DigiTimes


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