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The Display Industry News Source for 7.16.2012

Image via Toronto Sun / REUTERS / Kim Hong-Ji / Files

The brave new world of tomorrow’s tablets "Professor Zhenan Bao’s team at Stanford has developed stretchable, super-sensitive and solar-powered “electronic skin,” or sensors that can feel a touch as light as that of a fly. One of its obvious applications is in touchscreens, and Bao said the research has generated a lot of inquiries from companies. “Right now there is a lot of interest in having sensors in the screen that can have pressure input for the touchscreen,” Bao said. “Companies are also basically looking for replacement material for the current silicon that is cheaper and compatible with plastic substrate but has the same performance level.”" via Toronto Sun

LG Display Working On 60" Flexible OLED Display "Outside of making dreams come true in the HDTV industry, it'll also be used (potentially, anyway) as "a window displaying information at bus stations, aquariums and retail stores." When you think about those types of applications, the sky really is the limit." via HotHardware

Samsung wants LG to admit to alleged OLED tech leak "Samsung says the leak will make them lose “trillions of won” and accused LG Display of orchestrating the leak at the corporate level." via SammyHub

Audi launches largest digital showroom "Promising a fully multichannel experience, the store offers any passerby wishing to browse the 36 models on offer the chance to do so via four multi-touch tables and two screens installed within the new showroom. ...This idea for a new format of customer service is based on the fact that 90 per cent of automobile consumers will make a final purchase decision through the internet, according to Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales at Audi AG." via Retail Gazette

Glass enabling future touch technology "For projective capacitive touch, according to Hollis, the conventional discrete touch module needs an extra ayer of glass with both sides pattenred with ITO. But now the OGS integrates the touch sensor and cover class into one to do without the thickness of an extra sheet of glass. This not only reduces weight but also simplifies the materials and manufacturing process to decrease panel thickness. It enhances light transmission, and the production process is streamlined." via DigiTimes / Corning

You can check out The Smarter Glass Group ( for Projected Capacitive Touch solutions.

Do you use screen protectors to preserve your smartphone's display? "Without the capacitive digitizer and large, beautiful, pixel-packed display, smartphones of today would hardly be as exciting, entertaining or useful. We would all be stuck in the era of BlackBerry and left using non-smart styluses on our Windows Mobile devices. Protecting that big, delicate slab of glass covering your smartphone's display is vital. Break or ruin that and you could render your device useless." via PhoneDog

Apple's next retina display could be a TV "Talking to CNET, Soneira said, ""My... theory is that color consistency and accuracy among all Apple devices is more important for Apple than Retina Display resolution and will be the strategic basis for the eventual launch of an Apple Television,"" via TechRadar

MacBook Retina Repairs Now Available at MyService "Similar to the newer models of MacBook Air, the LED panel is not available separately. This means that to replace a cracked or damaged screen, the entire upper section will need to be replaced. The cost of the replacement will vary depending on the issue. If the screen is physically damaged or suffered from a liquid spill, the replacement cost will be higher than if the screen suffers from a component failure outside of the warranty period. If the unit is undamaged and still under the Apple warranty, the upper section can be replaced under AppleCare at no charge. MyService can perform both in and out-of-warranty upper section replacements." via MyService

"A Weak Display Week?" "It seems that the sector, or at least what the show represented as the ‘face’ of the sector, is now more about the maturing of technologies, with awards, for example, for best panel from LG, best P-CAP touch sensor from Occular and Samsung’s latest OLED display. Conversation was just as likely to be about achieving economies of scale, better ways to manufacture or the trend for vertical integration of the manufacturing chain rather than the unveiling of lots of revolutionary product technology or innovative applications and GUI approaches using the technology." via andersDX

Sci-fi tech coming to a classroom near you "Judy Kay, Professor of Computer Science at the university and a principal in the Computer Human Adapted Interaction team, has been developing software for interactive tabletops and wall displays. She described the touch screen technology as ''more egalitarian'' than interactive whiteboards, encouraging collaborative learning as users solve problems together. Ultimately she sees the tabletops becoming part of students' ''personal digital ecosystems'', complementing smartphones, tablets and laptops in the classroom." via The Sydney Morning Herald

Booming Industries: Digital Signage Solutions for the Healthcare Industry "Medical offices and hospitals alike have begun implementing LCD displays in high-visibility areas to provide up-to-the-minute wait times, registration information, way-finding directions and even public safety alerts. These advanced displays can reduce patient anxiety, manage expectations and efficiently save time by eliminating repetitive questions from patients. Some hospitals have even implemented displays in individual rooms to communicate more efficiently with patients." via Panasonic for Business Blog


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