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The Display Industry News Source for 7.18.2012

Image via Time Techland / MICHAEL NAGLE / GETTY IMAGES

Next-Gen iPhone Will Have A Thinner, Higher Quality Display "According to the report, LCD makers such as Sharp and Japan Display (which comprises Toshiba, Hitachi, and Sony as well as LG Display) are mass producing panels that use something called “in-cell technology”, which should make the display itself thinner." via TechCrunch

5 Benefits of a Thinner iPhone with In-Cell Display Technology "If the WSJ‘s “people familiar with the matter” are reliable and Apple is indeed shifting to “in-cell” display tech, here’s a breakdown of the benefits from both consumer and manufacturing standpoints." via Time Techland

LG Display employees charged with stealing OLED tech from Samsung "We previously heard that OLED technology was being secretly sold to "a rival local firm," but Samsung now characterizes the incident by saying that LG "systematically stole its display technology and poached Samsung employees."" via TheVerge

Looks Now Kill In Kuwait "The JHMCS allows a pilot to see critical flight and navigation information displayed on his visor. Sort of like a see-through computer monitor or Head Up Display. Most importantly, the pilot can turn their head towards a target, get an enemy aircraft into the crosshairs displayed on the visor, and fire a missile that will promptly go after target the pilot was looking at." via Strategy Page

China panel makers form OLED alliance "China-based panel makers such as Visionox and Changhong along with many others have formed an OLED industry alliance in order to boost AMOLED TV sales as well as to stay competitive with Korea-, Taiwan-, and Japan-based OLED makers in the panel industry. Sources said China-based panel makers feel AMOLED is the next wave of panel technology and that it will be used as the standard for portable media players, digital cameras and picture frames, portable gaming devices and tablets in the future." via DigiTimes

Google’s hybrid convertible touchscreen notebook "The patent filing occurred right at the end of 2010 but has only recently been published by the US Patent and Trademark office. It does look a little unwieldy and clunky compared to new flexible tablet systems we saw at Computex this year from the likes of Acer, MSI and ASUS not to mention the slick Microsoft Surface which was recently unveiled." via Hexus

Densitron launches new PMOLED modules with long lifetime (up to 150,000 hours) "They are also offering PMOLED in different colors, and they say that their OLED panels lifetime is now three times longer than it was when they were first introduced." via OLED-Info

Chipworks Analysis: Atmel’s MXT 540E Touch-Screen Controller "Given the extremely competitive nature of touch-screen controller ICs, Atmel offers no data sheets or major performance parameter data on the E-series, and it only provides a brief product summary on the MXT224. But a Chipworks analysis shows that about 41% of the MXT540E’s die consists of analog circuitry. The rest comprises digital circuitry for the processor, memory, and I/O circuitry." via Electronic Design

You can check out The Smarter Glass Group ( for Projected Capacitive Touch solutions.

Smartphones, Tablets Drive Touchscreen Market "Smartphones and tablets will help push touchscreen revenue to $16 billion this year, according to NPD DisplaySearch. Mobile phones are the primary product for touchscreens, accounting for about 75 percent of the screens shipped overall in 2011. NPD DisplaySearch expects 1.2 billion touchscreens will ship into the mobile phone market this year, up 68 percent from 2011." via Twice

FlatFrog Announces Development of Multitouch 3200 Interactive Display "The FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 uses an advanced optical in-glass multi-touch technology (PSD) developed and patented by FlatFrog Laboratories. Light is injected inside the top glass pane and scatters wherever the top surface is touched. This scattering effect is detected, and positions of several simultaneous touches are determined. The FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 is able to track 40 simultaneous touches at sub pixel accuracy, far beyond the capabilities of most competing solutions, the company said. Unlike some other touch technologies, the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 can also be used with gloves and pens." via Digital Signage Connection

Concept Vending Machine With See-through Display

Billy Mays Would Be Proud


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