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Friday, July 20, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Samsung to manufacture flexible AMOLED displays this quarter? "The new Youm panels will be very thin — around 0.6mm — in comparison to the current-generation which measures around 1.8mm. Although the Korean conglomerate has shown off bendable, rollable displays in the past, DDaily says that the initial production run will still be protected by inflexible glass." via TheVerge

Demand for touch panel materials increases "Touch screen panel materials such as ITO, OCA and cover lens are in high demand due to increasing tablet and smartphone shipments, according to sources. New tablet and smartphone models are being made in order to compete with Apple's new iPhone and iPad, which is causing panel makers to see a rise in both material orders and competition, said the sources." via DigiTimes

LG introduces new IPS Monitors with Cinema Screen Design and MHL! "The IPS7 series uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels rather than conventional Twisted Nematic (TN) technology found in most monitors. This brings advantages in picture quality and color consistency, letting users enjoy the most vivid and true-to-life colors around. The IPS7 series produces an incredibly smooth viewing experience, without the blur that often accompanies rapid motion in action scenes, sports and video games. This means less stress on the eyes, even when using the monitor for an extended period of time. With improved response times when viewing motion pictures, users can enjoy the benefit of the smoothest entertainment experience around." via Akihabara News

Is a Stampede of Big LCD Displays Approaching? "An ever-increasing number of dealers are now substituting the 80-inch TV for projector installations, motivated by client demand and a significant reduction in cost over a two-piece projection solution with motorized screen and ceiling mounts. ...As I mentioned earlier, the consumer TV business is in the tank for all but a handful of companies right now. But there is plenty of demand for commercial installation of these products either as public displays in areas with high ambient light or as replacements for two-piece front projector installations." via HDTV Magazine

Brazil stops backing Foxconn's planned display fab, wants them to make OLEDs, not LCDs "Foxconn is also the parent company of Chimei Innolux, so it has several possible sources of OLED production technology. If indeed they will decide to build a large OLED fab in Brazil, this could pave the way towards Apple's first OLED product" via OLED-Info

Journal of Radiology Inc. Signs License Agreement With Interactive Spaces For Its Technology "Interactive Spaces is a Canadian based company specializing in touchless, gesture recognition - hand and body motion enabled, multi-touch software solutions that provide an innovative new way of interfacing with consumers. This technology is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways of engaging people in a public space – providing both entertainment and relevant information." via The Sacramento Bee

The iPad kiosk debate continues "But, I do not see iPad kiosks as the future of the kiosk world. What I think it did was to help people rethink kiosks and create new ways of building an even better interactive display. Plus, the trend in the industry is moving toward larger displays with each passing year. In the years I've been in business, I have gone from 15-inch touchscreens to 46-inch HD screens equipped with real-time interactive mapping. While iPads can offer a trendy solution, they just cannot match the eye-catching picture of large screen HD display, especially in public. The larger screens are a huge attractor to passersby, especially in heavily trafficked areas like a hospital or a mall." via Self Service World

LG Display, SNU join hands for next-generation displays The company said that the two sides will establish the LGD-SNU Cooperation Center within the university’s Research Institute of Advanced Materials to push forward in making Korea the “Mecca” of the world’s leading R&D in display. The corporate-academic center will house top engineers, researchers and professors from the university and LG Display who can work as a team to develop proprietary display technology, including organic light-emitting diode." via The Korea Herald

Nintendo Wii U: LCD Touchscreen "Wii U will offer a new controller, called the "GamePad," with a 6.2-inch LCD touchscreen that promises to eclipse traditional controller displays. The GamePad will incorporate both traditional analog sticks and touchscreen capability for a more advanced handheld gaming experience. It will also allows users to continue gaming when the TV is turned off, by viewing the game on the controller's high resolution display. GamePad specs also include motion control, camera, microphone, speakers, rumble features and a sensor bar." via Stack Gamer

Audi Opens Car-Free Digital Showroom

Music Box Powered By iPad Screen

Aware Bear Computers Now Repairs Apple iPhone 4 and 4s Shattered Screens Broken LCDs and Cracked Digitizers in the Greater Rochester, NY Area "Aware Bear Computers charges $70 to replace a cracked or broken front glass on the Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. Not all models allow us to replace just the damaged glass; the newer Apple iPhones require the replacement of the whole front assembly, since the glass and LCD are glued together. The in store flat rate charge to replace the whole screen assembly is $130. This is a great way for people to save money and avoid paying over $650+ on a new Apple phone when purchased at full retail price” Mentions Andre Leite Alves from Aware Bear Computers." via PRWeb


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