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Monday, July 23, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Vizio 15.6-inch Thin + Light ultrabook review "Vizio has a history of negotiating with display manufacturers, and you can see that experience in the CT15 Thin + Light's beautiful screen. The 15.6-inch, 1080p IPS panel doesn't have incredible pixel density or a exceptional color gamut, but it is decidedly crisp and clear, blacks are noticibly deep, and the dark bezel (also see: Samsung's Series 9) can help give that screen the illusion of floating on air." via TheVerge

Microsoft looks to bring back the light pen "A light pen typically takes the form of a stylus which contains a small photoreceptor in its tip. This stylus tracks the light emitted by activated phosphor on a cathode-ray tube display - although later models work with liquid-crystal displays too - in order to figure out where on the screen the user is pointing." via bit-tech

Panel makers express concern over 2H12 panel growth "Various makers have attributed their uncertainties due to financial instabilities in Europe despite them not reporting losses in 2012 and seeing substantial growth in small- and medium-sized panel sales. ...Panel makers are planning out there strategies for the second of the year and are looking forward to orders for ultrabooks, new smart TVs and various smartphones." via DigiTimes

Vizio meets the MacBook "...the screens on the 15.6-inch Vizio models I saw were pretty stunning. No, they can't match the pixel density of the MBP Retina but they were bright (one the brightest 15-inch screens I've seen) with vibrant, rich colors." via C|Net

ETFs For The Touchscreen Revolution "Increasing competition from Samsung devices and Microsoft’s (MSFT) recently announced Surface further showcase how the touchscreen revolution is thriving on, and at the same time bolstering, innovation in the technology sector" via ETFdb

Solar Radiation on Digital Signage "The issue of solar radiation and reflections has been well studied in the vinyl siding industry as it is a common cause for product replacement. The LCD being new to outdoor environments will expereince many of the same conditions." via Flat Panel Display Blog

Korean Combat Cell Phones "Nett Warrior gives Team Leaders and Squad Leaders (and eventually each infantryman) a smart phone, perhaps still using an eyepiece as a display (attached to the helmet and flips down for use) and the smart phone/tablet touch screen to control the thing." via Strategy Page

What is IPS, and why is it desirable? "TN panels can achieve greater brightness levels than most IPS variants, and they have much faster refresh rates, which makes them better for stereoscopic 3D applications." via PC World

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