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Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Display Alliance in News Roundup

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Wacom launches 24in multi-touch tablet for design pros "This 24-inch tablet is a full digital drawing board with over a billion colours on its screen ...There's a pen for drawing, but this tablet's killer app is multi-touch: you can use gestures and swipes to pan, zoom or rotate an image; or if you're creating a 3D model, you can manipulate it using your fingers." via PC & Tech Authority

Say Goodbye to the Mirasol eReader "Mirasol is one of the several revolutionary screen techs that came and went in the past few years, and like most of its competition there were hopes that it might succeed in the consumer market where Mirasol’s low-power operating costs might provide a great enough benefit to justify the high cost of making the screen." via The Digital Reader

FRAUNHOFER WORKING ON SMUDGE-FREE TOUCHSCREENS "Dr Michael Vergöhl, head of department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschweig and head of the Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance, said: "If you apply a thin coating of titanium dioxide to a glass surface such as a smartphone screen, the skin oils and fingerprints gradually disappear from the display by themselves."" via inAVate

Can the LCD panel industry rebound? "With increased competition rising in the panel sector as well, panel orders are becoming harder to come by, which is adding to panel makers' doubt about sufficient panel profits and confirming that these trends will decrease stock prices." via DigiTimes

Samsung and Corning commit to new Chinese LCD facility "While production is shifting from its Korean OLED plant to the new Chinese LCD facility, both companies will continue to manufacture both display technologies, outfitting Samsung smartphones and those of its rivals with vivid and toughened displays." via The Next Web

Multiviewers Simplify Control Room Monitoring "A multiviewer is a device that puts multiple images on a single display, and it is one of the hottest product categories in the industry today. That’s a little amusing, consider that the exact opposite of multiviewers was the trendy product about 15 years ago." via TVTechnology

Retail's Future: Touch Screen Showrooms "Of course, large airplanes can't neatly fit inside central London retail spaces. And although The Jet Business is located on a highly visible corner, admission is by appointment only. Employees and customers have access to a large suite of touch-screen-based information systems, extensive market research systems, and a custom 26-foot display screen connected to a database of the world's business jets to match luxury customers with their future private jet." via Fast Company

Broken iPod Touch: Repair or replace? "I watched a couple YouTube videos demonstrating the screen-replacement process. They made it look fairly easy, but it's not -- especially if the screen is really busted up ...Moral of the story: Unless you're really adept with tiny electronics, it probably makes sense to pay a pro to handle the repair." via C|Net


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