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Friday, July 6, 2012
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Olympus Yells “Me Too!” With The MEG4.0 Wearable Display Prototype "Watch out, Google. Here comes Olympus with the MEG4.0 and don’t dismiss this as a Google Glass knockoff. Olympus has been researching and developing wearable displays for more than 20 years. The MEG4.0 concept, and with that, its eventual production counterpart, has been a long time coming and could be a serious competitor in the space. ...However, much like Google, Olympus is not revealing the user interface yet. If the MEG4.0 is to be a success, the interface, and more importantly, the depth of the information available needs to be as mature as Google Glass. Price and availability was not announced." via TechCrunch

Google Glasses, Whistling Past the Graveyard "Near to Eye devices are always problematic for several reasons. First, a good portion of the population still wears glasses and these folk can not use the device without some sort of vision correction oriented around a very very short focal length and therefore not suitable for general wear. Second, even for those without the need for corrective lenses, the strain of focusing your eyes on something less than an inch away is always taxing. Third, especially for those near to eye glasses that attempt to produce 3D, a very significant portion of the population have issues with their 3D vision. These glasses frequently cause headaches. In my opinion, near to eye (as with autosteroscopic 3D) needs a holographic solution." via Flat Panel Display Blog

HP Wins Patent For See Through Display Screen

"First lodged in 2006 the patent describes using light-reflective slats to display images produced by a computer on a transparent screen while also allowing light from behind the device to shine through. HP acknowledges that alternative see-through technology using angled half-silvered mirrors is already used by TV broadcasters in teleprompters to allow newsreaders to see text superimposed over camera lenses. ...This could be a "chart, picture or other image," they wrote, "For example [the] see-through display may be placed upon a map so as to provide an observer with a navigation route." They added that it might be advantageous to make such screens flexible so that they could be rolled away for storage." via Smarthouse

Fat Thumb Recognizes Your Oversized Digits, Lets You Multitouch Zoom With One Finger

"Six researchers from the Interactions Lab at the University of Calgary have developed a new touchscreen interaction technique called Fat Thumb. This extra bit of touchscreen software tracks your thumb’s contact size as a form of simulated pressure, allowing you to navigate and perform multi-touch gestures with a single finger. ...A Fat Thumb system could make it much easier and more comfortable to use touchscreens. But, more importantly, a touchscreen interface that can distinguish between your finger’s nail, tip, and pad could open whole new subset of single-touch interactions." via PCWorld

Latest Rumor Pegs Retina iMac For An October Release "It’s entirely possible that Apple will stuff a Retina display within the current iMac, and then in turn, launch a redesigned model next year like previous reports suggest. As demonstrated by the MacBook Pro with Retina Display’s price, the ultra high-resolution display is a costly component. Apple is likely holding out until LCD makers can increase their production yield, therefore dropping the price of the units. A Retina-equipped iMac is all but guaranteed; Apple just needs to make sure the model is priced right. A Retina iMac would have staggering display resolutions. A 21.5-inch model would likely have a resolution around 3840×2160, double that of the current 1920×1080 screen. The 27-inch already has a 2560×1440 display; a Retina-level screen might have a resolution around a staggering 5120×2880. Apple is seemingly trying to use the retina display to stand apart from other PC makers. It started with the iPhone and eventually hit the iPad. Now, with the latest MacBook Pro, Apple is charging forward with the Retina display. All that’s missing is an iMac and Apple Display with a Retina display." via TechCrunch

Flexible displays to be focal point for panel makers "Flexible displays, which are bendable and extremely light and thin screens, are starting to be researched and developed more in depth. These paper-like devices will also be very energy-efficient and able to be transported and used anywhere, giving them endless applications for users and making them one of the main focuses for developing ultra-mobile devices in the future. The biggest difference between tablets and flexible displays lies with the substrate material. In a flexible display, the glass substrate is replaced with a flexible substrate material, which could be either foil, plastic or extremely thin glass." via DigiTimes

Tablet Shipments to Surpass Notebook Shipments in 2016 "Tablet PCs are expected to incorporate multi-core processors, increasingly stable operating systems, growing app libraries and higher resolution displays. In addition, notebook PCs are also evolving to meet the challenge from tablet PCs. Thinner form factors, higher resolution displays and touch functionality features are expected to increase. The notebook PC market will remain the largest part of the mobile PC market during the forecast period, accounting for 60% of mobile PC shipments in 2012, declining to 49% by 2017." via DisplaySearch

Toshiba Found Guilty Of LCD Price-Fixing "A jury in Northern California this week found Toshiba guilty of conspiring with other LCD panel manufacturers to fix prices in the U.S. market, a verdict that could slap the Japanese tech giant with up to an $87 million fine. The class-action suit was brought against Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp and other LCD makers in 2007. It was filed by U.S. purchasers of LCD panels, both consumers and TV and computer manufacturers that incorporate the panels into their products. ...In its statement issued Tuesday, Toshiba denied having participated in any fixed pricing scheme, and said it plans to appeal the ruling." via CRN

SMART announces interactive flat panel 'Board 8055i' in India "SMART has announced one such educational solution in the form of the SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel, which is a 55-inch touchscreen board. It blends a high-definition, shadow-free, 55–inch LCD display with advanced multi-touch capabilities and SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. It also offers access to the SMART Exchange website, wherein educators can connect, share and download nearly 60,000 digital resources. The board is highly interactive with features like presence detection and support for freestyle interaction that allows users to select, move or write over objects simultaneously for increased interaction. The presence detection automatically detects user movements for quick startup and automatic shut-down which eventually helps with power saving. The incorporated DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology for the interactive panel enhances multi-touch experience, freestyle interaction, touch gestures and object awareness." via Tech2

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