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Samsung Galaxy S II Slated for August Release In US

"Jong-kyun Shin, Samsung Mobile Business and Digital Imaging President, Yonhap News Agency: We expect to release the Galaxy S2 in the U.S. mar­ket some­time in August.The Samsung Galaxy S II, the fol­lowup to the Galaxy S, sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus dis­play with a 800×480 RGB pixel for­mat. The Galaxy S II is the fastest-selling smart­phone in Samsung’s his­tory, get­ting into the hands of three mil­lion cus­tomers in just 55 days.August might not be a good month to release a smart­phone. It is too close to a pos­si­ble iPhone announce­ment the very next month." via Display Blog

Googles next nexus phone sports Amoled HD Display

"I don’t give a hoot about 3D, but the 1280×720 pixel struc­ture, now that’s excit­ing. It is rumored that Google’s next Nexus phone, the Nexus Prime, will sport a Samsung-built Super AMOLED HD dis­play, it too with a 1280×720 pixel format. 1280×720 seems to be the next mile­stone for smart­phone displays." via Display Blog

Energy and Cost Savings from LED-Backlit LCD TVs Not Communicated to Consumers

"According to an analysis in the DisplaySearch Q2’11Quarterly TV Design and Features Report, brands are missing an opportunity to market LED-backlit LCD TVs based on cost savings. Analysis of electricity and TV prices together with power consumption data reveals modest payback times for low-energy TVs. There is a strong case for consumers to choose LED-backlit sets when replacing their TV, given the energy savings advantages." via Display Search 

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