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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
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Samsung: We're getting "huge" orders for flexible OLED panels "Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun says that Samsung is getting "huge" orders from other electronic makers for flexible OLED panels. Kwon re-confirms the plan to produce flexible OLEDs in 2012. According to reports, Samsung has converted several OLED lines for flexible panels, and these lines will produce 960,000 OLED "sheets" by the end of year." via OLED-Info

LED Backlights Done Right "Although most commercial LED rails for LCD displays are designed to be driven serially, General Digital employs a serial-parallel design philosophy, whereby we drive the LEDs in groupings of three or four. The advantage to this method is that instead of rendering the entire rail inoperable, a single LED failure will only affect its immediate grouping (soft failure). This means that singular or multiple LED failures will not render the monitor inoperable, and in most cases will still provide a very uniform backlight–essential for mission critical applications." via General Digital

Minuscule Microprojector Promises Bright, Touchable Displays Of The Future "These Fraunhofer microprojectors are still quite a ways off from being implemented into real phones, but the technology is certainly interesting. Based on an insect’s compound eye, the projector is a wafer of tiny LEDs that can twist and turn depending on position. This means there is no 'keystoning' and the beams striking the surface will always be 'crisp and clear.'" via CrunchGear

Evaluation Kit of OLED-Based Binocular Interactive See-through Data Eye-glasses "Using such unique system the display is working as an actuator and influences the user by virtually projected images. The user interacts via his/her gaze e.g. focusing a virtual button. The embedded camera acts as sensor and captures the current image of the users gaze and a computer-system receives these images and calculates with an eye-tracking algorithm the point of gaze coordinates and provides these coordinates to the interactive application. The application processes the user interaction and generates a new virtual image." via

Reversing Recent Declines, Large-Area TFT LCD Panel Makers Expect Shipments to Grow by 11% and Revenues by 14% in Q2’12 "Large–area TFT LCD panel shipments declined in both Q4’11 and Q1’12, reflecting adjustments in supply chain inventories. However, with brands and OEMs increasing orders and with panel makers increasing capacity utilization, Q2’12 shipments are expected to grow by double digits. This, along with the recent panel price rebound, indicates the recovery of the TFT LCD industry." via DisplaySearch

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