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Virtual Receptionist Kiosk and Virtual Queuing

Virtual reception kiosks are computer terminals which allow a reception to be unmanned whilst still fully operational. The virtual reception kiosk can receive your visitors, answer telephone calls and manage the reception area. The obvious benefits of having a virtual reception kiosk to maintain your reception area is that it is highly cost effective whilst providing a great customer service.

How a Virtual Reception Kiosk works
The kiosk running the virtual reception software needs to be located in an area that the visitor will walk by and notice the kiosk. This might be the foyer of your office block or in an obvious corner of the waiting or reception area. The kiosk will display a page inviting the new visitor to use it. The kiosk provides a friendly and professional virtual receptionist service which gives your business a professional persona. 

Not only can a virtual receptionist greet and receive your visitors but they can also answer the telephone and book meetings, make appointments and take messages for your members of staff. Because the virtual reception kiosk can answer the telephone, this means that fewer customers receive the engaged tone when they call during busy periods. When the kiosk takes the call they are always bright and friendly and answer with your company name. The virtual reception will then aid the caller with their enquiry with the use of their telephone handset buttons. The caller is asked if they would like to make an appointment to visit someone within the company, if they would like to leave a message for someone, or if they would like to hold until the person that they wish to speak with is available. When a caller is holding the kiosk will give the caller the opportunity to leave a message in stead of holding during the waiting time.

For visitors to make an appointment via the kiosk, the visitor need only send the kiosk a SMS text message containing the date, the member of staffs name and the requested time for the appointment. The kiosk sends a return SMS text message either confirming the appointment or explaining that this appointment is taken and suggests some other possible appointments. The queuing system is updated in real time, so appointments can also be added manually avoiding already taken appointments.

Company Information:
Kiosks4business design touch screen kiosks, touch screen kiosk software and digital signage products. Our products are designed to be easy to use, with stylish designs and intuitive software. Our touch screen kiosks are in use by many local councils providing information and support for parents, carers, local residents, tenants and others.

Visit our wesbite for more information about Touchscreen Kiosks. View our Kiosk Range here & request a Kiosk demo.

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