Wintek 10.1", 11.6" and 13.3" LED backlit TFT LCDs plus Capacitive "ATT" Touch
Thursday, May 26, 2011
Display Alliance

Wintek's high resolution TFT LCD (1366x768) modules with Capacitive touch panel options.

WM-F0133V-JFLWa V.2

WM-F0116V-JFLWa V.1

WM-M0101V-JFLWa V.1

WM-M0101W-NFLWa V.1

Ideal across a variety of markets, Wintek's high resolution LED TFT LCD panel's are now offered with "ATT touch glass" or a single layer capacitive touch sensor coating on the cover lens, allowing a thickness of only .7mm on some panels and and lower cost than traditional capacitive touch panels.

Find out more about Wintek's "ATT" capacitive touch panels in this presentation.

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