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Airvod Entertainment's line of portable IFE solutions.

AIRVOD provides a variety of on demand entertainment solutions for Airlines around the world including commercial, regional and private.  The entertainment solutions will always combine the very latest hardware technology with the most appropriate media and logistic management programs.

Their services and solutions are designed around you and your needs.
Airvod listens, and adapt, and they deliver, on time every time, ensuring
a quality of service and a value for money proposition that will not be beaten.

Their dynamic team of forward thinking professionals is revolutionizing
the world of onboard entertainment and how we can deliver it cheaper,
faster and more reliable than any of our competitors.

Don’t get left behind with yesterday’s intrusive and expensive technology.
Join the revolution today and change the way you think about
your entertainment system, forever.

AIRVOD designs all products in-house and control all aspects of the supply chain including end of life for components.  This is an important factor to consider when selecting your IFE partner.   AIRVOD owns all of the intellectual property in their products and can still compete directly with consumer prices but have the distinct advantage of offering products that are custom designed.

All AIRVOD products are easy to use and are fully compliant with all regulatory standards including RTCA D0160-D.

Why Portable ?

AIRVOD is proud to bring you Crystal 7, the world’s most comprehensive, stylish, 7” portable media player. Crystal 7 introduces ground breaking technology to ensure that your airline gets the most compact, robust player while still maintaining the high quality of previous products by AIRVOD.

•    A staggering 20 hour battery life
•    Up to 160 players stored in a trolley
•    Only weights 490 grams
•    Up to 100 movies on demand.    



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