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LCD inspection pixel grades

LCD’s that come off the production line new are not 100% pixel defect free. LCD manufactures created their own LCD grading system in order to account for the variations in pixel quality.  There are acceptable limits within the LCD market to the number of dead pixels within a specific sector of the LCD.  Below are the manufacturer’s terminology

Brand new Z grade (AUO grading system)
Zero pixel defects- not even 1 pixel can be dead.

Brand New A grade (all other mfrs) (P Grade for AUO)
(1,3,3)- 1 sub pixel can be out in 1 sector up to 3 pixels can be out (these are never noticeable to the naked eye)

Brand New A minus grade (N grade for AUO)
(3,3,5)- up to 3 sub pixels out in 1 sector

Brand New B grade
(3,5,7) Up to 7 bad sub pixels. 

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