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The Display Industry News Source 6.14.2011

Wintek expects orders for Touch on Lens panels from vendors of tablet PCs

"Wintek saw operations swing from the red in 2009 to net profits of NT$2.07 billion (US$65 million) in 2010 mainly due to booming shipments of touch panels used in smartphones, and expects to receive orders for Touch on Lens, single-glass-sheet touch panels, in sizes up to 10.1 inches from vendors of tablet PCs beginning the second half of 2011, company chairman Hyley Huang said at its 2011 shareholders meeting on June 10." via DigiTimes Displays

CMI wins Outstanding Photonics Product Award 2011 for 21.5-inch PCT display module

"Foreseeing great potential in the applications of PCT (Projected Capacitive Touch) technology in large-size displays, CMI has taken the lead in relevant R&D, successfully developing the 21.5-inch PCT display module, achieving a significant breakthrough for the industry." via ChimeiInnolux

HannStar's products got CFP certificates !!

"HannStar announced the successful verification of the carbon footprint declarations for two of its products (10.1-inch LCD panel for Netbook (Model name:100IFW1-A05)and 10.1-inch touch panel for tablet PC(Model name:101PFW3-D00-C00)) in accordance with international standard BSI PAS 2050:2008 and the requirements of ISO/CD 14067-1 carbon footprint of products." via HannStar

Monitor Tech: PLS vs IPS vs PVA vs OLED: Where Next?

"Samsung is about to launch a monitor using a new display technology called plane-to-line switching, or PLS, which is related to IPS. Could it be the future standard for desktop monitors?" via Digital Versus

American Airlines to provide Galaxy Tab 10.1 for premium in-flight entertainment

"American Airlines plans to use 6,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices on select flights later this year. The tablets will be fitted in various aircrafts like 767-200, 767-300 and 757 for transcontinental as well as international flights." via Samsung Hub

CMI will not start producing AMOLEDs in the near future

"It seems that the ex-CMEL group in Tainan indeed gave up the Gen-3.5 AMOLED production, and are working only the Gen-5.5 AMOLED fab - any even so this project is 'not very active' - so we can't expect mass production any time soon." via OLED-Info

Samsung to integrate cover glass with touch screen for a phone due next year

"The G2 technology as it is called, will not use an Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) film that will help them to further shrink the thickness of the display panel and thus shaving off some millimeters from the phone. It is also reported to improve image quality." via Samsung Hub

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