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Tourist Information Kiosks

A tourism kiosk is a great tourist information point to for holidaymakers. Tourist Information Kiosks can be a resource to lots of information about local attractions and events that will be held in the local area. Tourism can not only give information about tourist attractions, but they can also send holidaymakers event Alerts or event reminders directly to their mobile phone, so that they don’t miss holiday events that they would enjoy. Tourism Kiosks or Tourist Information Kiosks can help holidaymakers to have an extra special holiday.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to stay or somewhere to eat the tourist information Kiosks has all the answers on its multimedia touchscreen. The kiosks has a whole host of information about UK tourist attractions throughout Britain including many castles, museums, art galleries, stately homes, royal palaces, zoos and theme parks.

People have been cutting back on taking holidays in the face of the economic uncertainty, by cutting back they mean that fewer of us have been holidaying outside of the UK. Last year global airlines will saw a 14% drop in passenger numbers and although they expect some recovery during 2010, the prediction is that any recovery will be slow. So with more of UK residents holidaying at home added to the 32 million overseas visitors who also are expected to join us on our UK holiday this year, the UK tourism industry is in for a busy year.

Of course when you arrive at your holiday destination, you want to know information about the local attraction and events that are happening over the next couple of weeks at the surrounding pubs, clubs and other venues. Usually this information is available in hotel foyers, and holiday park receptions and at camping and caravan parks in the form of racks of leaflets and notice boards. However there is a more efficient way of presenting this information, which offers up to date information as well as multimedia functionality – The Tourist Information Kiosks.

Because the Internet enabled kiosk shows information digitally from either an attractions website or from a database and doesn’t rely on hard copy leaflets, the content can be updated whenever needed. Furthermore, multiple kiosks can be updated by one central computer, which makes changes to kiosk information a very quick procedure.

Information about the Attractions
For each attraction added to the kiosk, all of the usual information can be displayed that you would expect to see – opening hours, prices, as well as information about the attraction.

Photos can also be included, with text to accompany the images.

Additionally videos can also be added to the information, a short film of maybe 3 minutes can give offer tourists a better view of what they can expect to see and do at the venue. Videos might also include testimonials of previous visitors recommending a day tip there.

Interactive Tourism Kiosk
The kiosk can help the kiosk users to select attractions that might appeal to them. The users are asked a series of question, such as – Do you have Children, how old are the children, do you want venues of educational interest, animal interest, do you enjoy active days out, and so on. From the kiosk user responses, the kiosk selects day trips, venues and events that would suit their criteria and displays this information on the screen.

When users have found day trips that maybe of interest to them, they can print off the necessary information of how to get there. This can be in the form of a map or a complete route from where the kiosk is to the tourist attraction.

Event Alerts
One event that are advertised on the kiosk, a quiz night at the local pub on Thursday night at 7pm, for example, can be sent as an alert or event reminder to the users mobile phone.

When the user is browsing the kiosk events, there is an opportunity to flag events that they might want to participate in. Once the user has flagged the event they are asked to give their mobile phone number, their name and accommodation number, and on the day of the event, the kiosks sends a reminder to their mobile phone. This is a great way of reminding visitors of event that may interest them. It ensure that they have the opportunity to make use of all the facilities available to them and to have an enjoyable holiday, and it also helps to ensure maximum turnout at any functions.

 Tourist Information Kiosks can be a way of getting information to holidaymakers. Tourism Kiosks can also be useful to people with disabilities, including people who are hard of hearing and the visually impaired.

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