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Why would someone need LCD repair services?

Technical Q&A with Elsin Electronic Solutions

DA: Why would someone repair an LCD rather than buy a new panel?

Elsin Electronic Solutions: In the European Union the warranty provided to the end customer is very often two or more years. Therefore, it's not worth repairing a monitor after the warranty has ended as the product is often obsolete. However, the end customer may make use of our services when it comes to a new product with other than warranty covered defect (scratched surface for example).

On the other hand repairing the LCD panels is very useful for the manufacturers, because they usually get a shorter warranty period for the LCD panel than they provide to the end customer. Thus, they carry the expenses resulting from this discrepancy. The price of the repair of an LCD panel in Elsin is about 20-50% of the price of a new panel. Therefore, the total saving at mass production level is significant.

Another situation where the repair pays off is when certain types of older panels are not available on the market anymore, and not even an equivalent replacement is available. Such a repair of expensive industrial or other special panels is certainly worth it.

Elsin also provides the warranty RMA service and an on-site support for LCD manufacturers. The panels sold on the EU market thus does not have to go all the way back to Asia to the manufacturer, but can be repaired straight in EU, at Elsin. Furthermore, we give the manufacturers feedback and help them analyze the production defects of the panels.

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