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146-inch 3D 3D Micro LED 4K 4K2K 8K ACEP Aledia Amazon AMOLED AMS767KC04-1 Anti-reflective Apple Apple Watch AR Astra Glass AUO Automotive Automotive Displays Avionic Avionics Avnet Backlight Belkin Blue phase LCD Blue TADF Blue Wave Semiconductor Blue Wave Semiconductors BOE burn-in Buyer Capacitive touch CCFL CCPD CES CES 2019 CGS children China China US Trade War Circular LCD Clothing OLED CMI COF Corning CPT CRT Curved Curved OLED CYNORA D33 Dark Mode Digital signage Display Display Week 2019 Dual Panel LCD Dynamic Range E Ink EE Ink Eink Electrofluidic imaging Electronics Electrowetting End-of-life EOL notice E-paper Factory Fingerprint Fingerprint sensor Flexable FlexEnable Flexible Flexible display Flexible LCD Flexible OLED Flexible Perovskite Flexi-LCD FlexPai Force Touch Foxconn Foxconn Technology Group Fujitsu Galaxy S10 Gesture recognition Glossy displays Google Glass Gorilla Glass Graphene graphene-based OFET HannStar haptic Haptography HD Head-mounted display Heads up display High End Panels Hisense HKC Holograph Hot Offer Huawei Human Machine Interface Hybrid IGZO In-cell touch In-Display Fingerprint Industrial display InFocus Infrared Innolux Interactive Interactive surfaces iPad iPhone iPhone X IPS ITO ITRI I-Zone Japan Japan Display Jasper Display JBD JOLED Kindle large-size LCD LCD LCD iPhone LCD Prices LED LG LTPS Market Mate 20 Medical Medical Display Merck Meural Micro LED Microdisplay MicroLED Micro-LED Micro-LED TV microsoft Military Military displays Mini LED Mojo Vision Monochromatic Multitouch Nano Cell Technology Nanoco nanoplatelets Nanowire Netgear News Roundup Nubia OFET OLCD OLED Organic Semiconductors Osaka University Osram Panasonic Paperwhite Patents PCAP Philips PHOLED Phone Photocentric Pixels Plasma Plastic Logic PlayNitride Plessey Polarizer POLED POS Screen Projected capacitive Projector QLED Quantum Dot Quantum dots Quantum Materials Corp Recycling Red Phosphor RIKEN Rohinni Rollable TV Rugged display Samsung Sanan Sanan Optoelectronics Sapphire Seeya Seren Sharp SID SmartKen smartphones Smartwatch Solar Solar-Tectic Sony Soul Semiconductor Sound on Display South Korea Stereoscopy Stocks Substrate Sunlight readable Tactile Taiwan Tappy Tariff TCL Technology TFT The Wall Tianma TN Total Reclaim touch Touchscreen Trade War Transparent Trump TV Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology ultra-fine pitch Ultra-High Resolution Ultrastable Films unbreakable undefined Universal Display University of California San Diego US USA Veeco Video wall Virtual Reality Visionox VR Vuzix Wearable Wisconsin XTPL

Tek Panel 420’s Sleek Design and Computing Power Make it Ideal for Digital Signage

Made Specifically for Digital Signage
Customers have used Tek Panel all-in-one computers for digital signage applications for over five years, but the Tek Panel 420 is the first Tek Panel product designed with digital signage in mind as the primary function of the system.  Featuring a 42” TFT/LCD display in addition to a full-powered, upgradeable, integrated PC, the Tek Panel 420 has a slim bezel and options such as built-in touch screen and internal stereo speakers.  Its all-aluminum enclosure, along with various ruggedization options including optically bonded displays, make it the ideal all-in-one interactive digital signage system for public display.

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Iposter is drawing attention in Europe

Goodview joined the digital signage expo 2010 - Europe's largest digital signage event from June 15- 17 in Essen Germany. Goodview setup nice booth to show the latest products to catch many customer's eyes. As the leading digital signage product manufacturer in China, Goodview will move faster to develop Europe market to gain more market share.

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Why Touch Screens Are the Ideal Interactive Medium for Kiosks

Interactive Touchscreens are ideal for use on touchscreen kiosks and information points because it allows users to navigate the kiosk content by simply touching the screen – what could be simpler?

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display alliance news 7.22.2010

More shout-outs from display industry experts.
Jin Kim of DisplayBlog has recently begun posting articles on Display Alliance. Jin’s extensive knowledge of the display industry is due, he says, to his expe­ri­ences at LG.Philips LCD (now LG Display), a really big dis­play man­u­fac­turer, and at DisplaySearch, a mar­ket research firm. In jin’s short time posting with us, he says he has seen positive results. We’re happy to have him on board. His article’s on the display industry offer us remarkable value, which we eat right up. Thanks for the shout-out on DisplayBlog Jin!

7 reasons why you need a commercial grade display for your digital signage project.
Trent Semler of Noventri illuminates the key diffferences between a consumer grade television and a commercial grade display. If you are shopping the market for a consumer grade television to use for digital signage, we recommend you read this article.

Juniper Systems, Inc. introduces the Mesa Rugged Notepad™
Unique to the Mesa is its one-of-a-kind Juniper Systems home screen. This customizable home screen puts the most-used device functions in a finger-friendly on-screen dashboard. Features include user-defined shortcuts and 11 screen gadgets for controlling wireless connections, GPS, texting, email, calendar, and power functions. Read the full press release here.

Digital Signage Statistics: Streaming Opportunity.
Digital Signage have 47.7 per cent effectiveness on brand awareness, increase the average purchase amount by 29.5 percent, create a 31.8 per cent upswing in overall sales volume, generates 32.8 percent growth in repeat buyers and pull in 32.8 per cent more store traffic ( Source: InfoTrends) Read the full article here.

Marketers should wake up to the potential of mobile.
Marketing messages can reach mobile users in a variety of ways: text messaging, search advertising, ads within applications, and video (streaming and on-demand). This range of options means that marketers can tailor the delivery medium to each particular kind of branding message or call-to-action. Read the full article here.

Strong iPad, iPhone demand causing tight touch panel supply.
The sources said suppliers are now trying to increase output by improving yield rates. They are also expanding their production lines, with the new capacities expected to go online at the end of third quarter and in the fourth quarter, the sources said, adding that their overall capacities will still not be sufficient to satisfy all demand, market sources added. Read the full article here, at Digitmes Display.


Juniper Systems, Inc. introduces the Mesa Rugged Notepad™

ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA– Juniper Systems, Inc. announces the new Mesa Rugged Notepad™ as the latest addition to its complete lineup of rugged handheld computers. The Mesa provides a unique platform for dedicated field data collection applications that can withstand the most extreme outdoor environments. Availability is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2010.

“The Mesa has all the advantages of a handheld, plus the advantages of a tablet PC, without the disadvantages of either,” said David Dean, President of Electronic Data Solutions. The Mesa is the world’s first Juniper Rugged™ notepad, featuring the biggest screen available on a Windows Mobile® rugged handheld computer. In addition to the large 5.7 inch active viewing display, the Mesa is compact and lightweight, providing the comfortable feel of a handheld.

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Corning To Invest $800 Million In LCD Glass Facility In China

Corning is betting large on China and the company's board of directors approved major capacity investments. On July 21, 2010 Corning announced it will invest approximately US$800 million to construct a new LCD glass substrate facility in the China (press release). Corning will locate the new facility in the Beijing Digital TV Industry Park within the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area. The manufacturing plant will have up to Gen 8.5 glass-melting and finishing capabilities with ground breaking planned for September and production expected to commence in the first half of 2012. For more details visit DisplayBlog.


display alliance news 7.21.2010

Shout-outs galore in the blogging tech world.
Ryan, an experienced tech blogger at ShopJimmy’s Blog threw us a shout out. Over here at Mass Integrated Systems, we’ve known these  lovers of all things tech for the past few years. They’re great guys with a VAST knowledge of consumer electronic parts. We’d like our audience to know about them, and they felt the same about us. Ryan said this, “I discovered a new site, Display Alliance, because they picked up my recent post about LED TVs. Display Alliance is an aggregation of “crowdsourced” content related to the display industry. It’s a cool site and concept, and I hope it takes off (not merely because they syndicated my post).” Subscribe to ShopJimmy’s Blog here.

Samar Technologies releases an upgraded All-in-one Ad Display product line.
These 7” to 19” All-in-one ad displays are equipped with touch screen, motion sensor, RJ-45 networking, Wii-Fi USB dongle,RS-232 Interface (Barcode), the LED powered panel offers low power consumption, a longer life cycle and contains no lead or mercury for less impact to the environment. These reliable products are designed to run 24/7. Content loading is user friendly and can be uploaded by SD card, thumb drive or through a network. read the press release here, on DA.

The Role of LCD Enclosures in Digital Signage.
Richard, analyst and blogger for Armagard, explains the benefit of LCD enclosures for digital signage. He says, from outdoor locations to industrial areas, LCD enclosures allow the safe use of standard and commercial screens- no matter what the environment it has to operate in is like. An LCD enclosure can be described as a protective housing for an LCD screen but there are more to them than that. Read the full article here.

Mirada Media Provides Custom Signage Solution for COOPSCO’s In-store TV Network.
The COOPSCO network, which includes 60 cooperatives with over 100 outlets inside French-speaking high schools, colleges and universities in Quebec, will be rolling out LCD screens powered by a custom version of Mirada Media's ChannelView player and content management system at participating school supply and book stores, clothing boutiques and cafeterias. Read the full press release here, on DA.

The monthly rise and fall of LCD flat panel pricing.
Alan Brawn, LCD guru and consultant at Insight Media, gives us some insight on the LCD pricing roller-coaster. He says, as we all experienced late last year, there was a dramatic drop in the street prices for both plasma and LCD flat panel displays in the United States. Manufacturers responded to pent up demand and savings in manufacturing costs to fuel this trend. The domino effect created a pricing structure on flat panel displays that was heretofore unimaginable. Lest we get too complacent in the current status of the pricing wars, the battle is not over by a long shot. Events on the other side of the world will have a "ripple effect" on products and prices in the United States and throughout the world. The bottom line from this analyst’s perspective is that LCD flat panel prices will continue a rapid if not extreme decline in no small part due to what is taking place in China as we speak. Read the article in it’s entirety here, at DisplayDaily. 

400 digital signage software companies and counting.
Dave Haynes of Sixteen:Nine sifts through a report based on Google Page Rank and Alexa Traffic Rank on the 400 top digital signage software companies across the globe. Although there are some missing players and double counted companies, it is a thorough list. Dave said even if the industry boils down in the next 2-3 years to half this list, its still way too many. Dave said this about the rapidly growing, (and consolidating,) industry: The weirdest thing is that I still comes across new companies who blithely ignore all that and set up to build and peddle yet another variation on basically the same thing. Read the full article and see the list here.

Large-size panel prices to be flat or slightly down in August, say Taiwan makers.

Sourced from DigiTime Display, TFT-LCD panel makers originally looked to a rebound in prices of large-size panels in August amid the peak season, but now expect price levels to remain unchanged or drop slightly mainly because TV retail channels in the China market have high inventories, according to industry sources. Read the full article here.


Is there an approved list of Consumer TVs for digital signage?

Professional Digital Signage Displays are manufactured differently than consumer TVs. A particular digital signage Display model may be available for several years, and is manufactured to be identical throughout the life of that model. This is done so that displays matching the ones the customer already has can be added and provide continued compatibility with digital signage players. They are also manufactured differently in that they only use IPS type LCD panels that allow viewing from any angle without distortion and allow for vertical mounting (Portrait Mode), along with 24/7 operation. Most digital signage displays also carry a longer warranty; usually 3 years without exclusions for digital signage use. Digital signage integrators can normally have these shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer, saving on shipping costs.

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Mirada Media Provides Custom Signage Solution for COOPSCO’s In-store TV Network

The COOPSCO network of cooperatives, which operates retail locations in the majority of Quebec's francophone colleges and universities, has selected Mirada Media to develop and deploy an in-store and point-of-sale digital signage network in the institutions it serves.

Mirada Media, a Montreal-based digital signage integrator and software developer, is pleased to announce its recent engagement with the Fédération québécoise des coopératives en milieu scolaire (FQCMS). Mirada has been selected to provide FQCMS with project and content management solutions for their in-store digital signage network at cooperatives in the educational sector, which operate under the COOPSCO banner.

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All-in-one Digital Signage

Samar Technologies is set to release an upgraded All-in-one Ad Display product line in 7” to 19” screen sizes equipped with the following feature options:

  • ·  Touch Screen
  • ·  Motion Sensor
  • ·  RJ-45 networking
  • ·  Wi-Fi USB dongle
  • ·  RS-232 Interface (Barcode) 

The LED powered panel offers low power consumption, a longer life cycle and contains no lead or mercury for less impact to the environment. These reliable products are designed to run 24/7. Content loading is user friendly and can be uploaded by SD card, thumb drive or through a network. Customized designs including private labeling and logos are offered upon request. All of these features are available at excellent pricing with discounts offered for volume purchases.

Samar Technologies operates internationally and is the Digital Signage OEM Division of Samar Enterprises of Taipei Taiwan. Samar’s decades of production experience operating state-of-the-art factories equipped with modern assembly lines, robot controlled plastic injection molding and tooling facilities make them the go-to expert for digital-signage solutions.

Contact Eve Lyon



Battery Resources for Digital Signage

I am sourcing a resource for batteries to run small size 7' to 15" non-pc based Digital Signs for a 6 month display in a retail environment. Please contact Eve Lyon .


The Role of LCD Enclosures in Digital Signage

With digital signage now being so prevalent there are few locations where screens haven’t yet been used for either advertising or information. But not every location is suitable for display screens - especially in outside or industrial locations where weather and other elements can damage and disable a screen.

This is where LCD enclosures come in and I would like to take this opportunity to explain a few of the benefits of an LCD enclosure and the possibilities that they allow.

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Going Digital, using Display's on Taxi's.

Founded in 2006, Mantise Media is the leading digital out-of-home media company in Hong Kong and it is privately held. Mantise is dedicated to providing advertisers with effective out-of-home media solutions, fusing technology with traditional media. Mantise’s first product to be launched is a high-quality LCD panel with built-in GPS and 3G systems that allows for geo-targeting and time-based advertising

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display alliance news 7.15.2010

LED TV manufacturers amping up production for 4Q10.
Sourced from Digitimes Displays, TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics (AUO) currently ships 400,000 LED-backlit LCD TV panels monthly and it expects shipment volume to increase to 800,000 units in the third quarter and further up to 1.2 million units in the fourth quarter, according to industry sources. Read the full article here.

10 truths about LED TV’s.
Here is an interesting article from ShopJimmy's Blog. If you thought you had LED TV’s figured out, test your knowledge against these 10 LED TV truths. Read the article here.

Is there an approved list of Consumer TVs for digital signage?
Trent Semler of Noventri tells us some big differences between commercial grade displays compared to consumer displays. Professional Digital Signage Displays are manufactured differently than consumer TVs. A particular digital signage Display model may be available for several years, and is manufactured to be identical throughout the life of that model. This is done so that displays matching the ones the customer already has can be added and provide continued compatibility with digital signage players.  Read the rest of this valuable article here.

Making Mobile And Outdoor Displays Work.

Sanjay Manandhar of Aerva Inc. offers some insight to making mobile and digital signage work together. He says, the proliferation of increasingly sophisticated mobile handsets offers the opportunity for a variety of interactive campaigns. To succeed, mobile engagement requires an integrated marketing mindset and attention to scalability, reliability and security. Read the full article here.


Blogging thoughts

I know this has nothing to do with display's, yet this is a blogging site and sometimes I try too hard to either promote myself or create such incredible value I end up paralyzed and end up writing nothing.

As a newbie to the blogging scene I am trying my best to search out successful cyber mentors, so that I may learn from their experiences and writing styles.

Chris Garrett is one such mentor I have started to follow on the advice of my friend Bruce. This particular post is great read when you find yourself in a rut or just need dose of reality based direction.

At least it worked for me tonight and I ended up posting instead of watching "America can dance" with my daughter(ok I did both)


Acer Tablet PC Coming Fourth Quarter 2010

Acer is planning to launch a 7-inch and 10-inch tablet PC in the fourth quarter according to Digitimes. Both will sport ARM CPUs and run Google's Android OS 2.2. These tablet PCs will go up against Apple's iPad and tout its multimedia capabilities including the ability to run Flash. There is no doubt many brands will enter the tablet market. Success will depend on an experience that matches or exceeds that of the iPad, providing the ability to easily purchase and consume media such as the App Store, iBookstore and the iTunes Music Store.

One of the main criticisms of the iPad is its closed ecosystem and so there will be a good portion of the market that will respond to a more open platform. Google's Android OS seems to be the platform of choice but where can users get the media they want? Rumor has it Google is working on its own music store and Amazon's Kindle app will help get the books, magazines and newspapers you want. There's a lot of options for video: Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Will 7-inch, 10-inch tablet PCs displace netbooks? Who is to know. But one thing is for sure: most if not all brands will do their best to market tablets the next big thing. Apple is on its way to success. Who will be next?


AIS Introduces Low Cost Operator Interface Displays Suitable for Building & Factory Automation and Motion & Process Control Applications

American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS) introduces an Industrial Operator Interface Touch Screen Display line for building automation, factory automation and process control applications.  The HMI touchscreen displays feature fully industrial LCD panels with bright TFT displays that can be connected to standard industrial PC’s.  The displays are available in several mechanical configurations, providing several mounting options including open frame, rack mount, chassis, and panel mount.  AIS utilizes industrial grade displays for high performance, superior reliability in industrial conditions, and long product life cycle to ensure product availability for several years.  The rugged displays are pre-designed in hundreds of configurations for easy drop-in replacement or new deployments applications.

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TPV Technology To Take Over Philips LCD TV Business

According to via Digitimes, TPV Technology will reportedly take over Royal Philips Electronics' LCD TV business. An already-drafted agreement will give TPV the rights to use the Philips brand in its TV products along with LCD TV-related patent rights, inventories, customers and employees. Read Philips Opts Out of LCD TV Business, Funai Takes Over where Philips licensed its brand to Funai for the North American LCD TV market. It seems Philips want out of the LCD TV business for good.


e.Digital smart solutions for a digital world

e.Digital is a proven innovator of multiple audio and video technology platforms including its secure portable Video on Demand eVU mobile entertainment system. Through its eVU sales and services, e.Digital is one of the leading producers of dedicated portable In Flight Entertainment to airlines around the world.
e.Digital was the first company to develop, patent, and productize fundamental technology that opened the door to the widespread use of flash memory in many of today’s popular electronic products.

e.Digital was the first company to design and manufacture a dedicated hard drive-based portable media player for the In-Flight Entertainment industry.
Our innovative eVU In-Flight Entertainment technology features 20+ hours of battery life on a single battery charge, superior battery management tools, customizable GUI, passenger friendly graphics and system instructions, content docking stations, and more.



display alliance news 7.13.2010

First 82” outdoor LCD display launched by All-See Technologies.
Asif Khan of AllSee Technologies presents us with their remarkable 82” outdoor display. With the rise in digital advertising usage, there is great increase in adopting digital signage as an advertising medium. It has taken the advertising sector by storm, seeing this AllSee has strived to produce unique and ground breaking digital signage solutions. The display itself boasts features such as built in temperature control via an air-conditioning unit, Vandal proof and slide out display; it truly is a ground breaking technological advancement from its predecessors and any rivals. Read the full press release here, on DA.

China TV Market: 80% LCD TV
Jin Kim of DisplayBlog reports on China’s booming LCD market. According to China-based All View Consulting (AVC) via Digitimes, LCD TV sales in China from January to May accounted for 80.3% of total TV shipments. LCD TV shipments were 13.78 million units and worth CNY58.93 billion, about US$8.7 billion. China's total TV market was 17.16 million units and CNY66.91 billion in revenues. I wonder what 20% of China's TV market is composed of? Plasma? Rear projection? CRT? Something else? Read Jin’s full article here.

Integrating an interactive LCD advertising campaign with your business.
Justin of IndustrialLCD tells us of the benefits of integrating interactive LCD advertising with your business. Integrating touch screen digital signage monitors is basic and sparks interest within a highly captive consumer. This will allow them to select the most important and proper content where it matters the most: at the point-of-purchase. Think about a customer that arrives at the in-store point-of-purchase display and can choose what advertisiments and details they want to view about a particular product. Interactive LCD advertising screens build this openning for the consumer to get the most important details without fighting through the clutter of generic marketing. Read Justins full article here, on DA.

A Chinese delegation in Taipei secured 5.3 billion US dollars worth of contracts to buy flat screens this week.
The sales will amount to a rise of 56 percent from a year ago, when the island shipped 3.4 billion US dollars worth of flat panels -- used in the manufacture of televisions and monitors -- to the mainland due to a parts shortage. China had said its trade delegations to Taiwan last year spent 14 billion dollars, shielding the island from the full impact of the financial crisis. The pact, by far the most sweeping between the two sides, marks the culmination of President Ma Ying-jeou's Beijing-friendly policy, introduced after he assumed power in 2008. Read the full article here.

Chimei Innolux leading the pack of small and medium sized panel shipments in 2Q10.
Taiwan's top-four panel makers Chimei Innolux (CMI), AU Optronics (AUO), Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) and HannStar Display shipped a total of 273.44 million small- to medium-size TFT-LCD panels in the second quarter of 2010 with CMI in leading position. Read further analysis here, at Digitimes.