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The Display Industry News Source 6.16.2011

Corning opens Advanced Technology Center in Taiwan

"The Corning Advanced Technology Center will provide product design and development support for the fast-paced consumer electronics industry. Technical experts will also focus on development of emerging applications where Corning glass technologies can play a critical role." via DigiTimes Displays

Rumor: Google Nexus 4G with 1280×720 Display

"The elim­i­na­tion of those four but­tons might be the key to inte­grat­ing a "monster-sized" dis­play. My guess: a 4.5- to 4.7-inch LCD with a 1280×720 pixel for­mat. At 4.5 inches the res­o­lu­tion is 326 ppi and at 4.7 inches the res­o­lu­tion drops to 312 ppi. If I were to choose between the two it would be a 4.5-inch, which would sport the exact ppi as the 3.5-inch Retina Display in the iPhone 4." via DisplayBlog

Rumor: iPhone 5 To Sport Edge-To-Edge Display?

"Well, we may be inching closer to some answers today, as an app developer with connections to Nuance, the speech recognition firm, posted a few screen grabs of what appears to be a next-gen iPhone with an edge-to-edge screen." via CrunchGear

NanoLumens wins big US breakthrough tech award

"Very well done guys. If you don’t know much about the company, it has flexible, lightweight LED displays that are being used by Digital OOH companies and in a lot of trade show applications. Think. Big visuals that don’t need a forklift and the sort of careful handling of a grand piano." via Sixteen:Nine

Boutique Film launches 21 digital signage advertising locations across the Gulf Arab Region

Boutique Film whom was known until today for its digital advertising campaigns in Switzerland’s most exclusive mountain resorts, is launching its new offer in the Gulf Arab Region. via Display Alliance

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