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The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.22.2012

Sharp looking to sell factories in China, Mexico "The Japanese company could sell the plants to Hon Hai or Sharp Display Products which is jointly owned by Hon Hai and Sharp, the source said, adding that both options would affect headcount at Sharp." via ZDNet

CMI sees increased panel orders for use in smartphones and tablet PCs "The sources said CMI has secured orders for panels used in low- to high-end smartphones and tablet PCs throughout the third quarter, most of which are from China-based handset and tablet PC makers as China is currently the largest mobile phone market in the world." via DigiTimes

E Ink acquisition of SiPix is for prevention of price wars instead of obtaining capacity "Taiwan-based EPD (electrophoretic display) maker E Ink Holdings (EIH) will acquire a 100% stake in fellow EPD player SiPix Technology for a total price of up to NT$1.5 billion (US$50 million), and EIH's motivation of the acquisition is to remove the only EPD competitor to avoid price-cut wars rather than to obtain SiPix's production capacity, according to industry sources in Taiwan." via DigiTimes

Panel Suppliers Cut Capacity To Prevent Heavy Oversupply "How will change in the demand forecast and supply expansion plan impact supply demand balance?" via iSuppli

Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. Mass Integrated supplies display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190 ext. 585 or email

Chipbond 3Q12 sales driven by demand for small-size panel driver ICs "Chpbond reportedly has secured high-volume orders demanding 12-inch bumping capacity from Renesas Electronics, which reportedly will supply LCD driver ICs used in Apple's upcoming iPhones, the watchers observed. The orders placed by Renesas will play a sales growth driver for the packaging and testing house in the third quarter, the watchers said." via DigiTimes

AUO to display new high-end products at Touch Taiwan "AUO will also display one glass solution (OGS) touch screen panels sized from 4.7-27-inch as well as ultra high-resolution smartphone panels. The company's next generation AMOLED panels will be on display as well." via DigiTimes

Aixtron delivers a flexible organic electronics production system to a major Asian customer "Aixtron wouldn't say who's the customer or what will be produced on the equipment, but they do say that the customer will be able to develop new applications including "flexible flat panel displays with benefits such as lightweight, ruggedness, low power consumption, color brightness, and superior legibility"." via OLED-Info

Display Technology, Connecting to the Future! Chimei Innolux Presents LCD Panels with High Resolution and Green Power "himei Innolux Corporation (CMI) will be exhibiting their TFT-LCD displays and technologies focused on high resolution and green power features as part of their theme of “Display Technology, Connecting to the Future” at the International Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibition 2012 at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall from August 29 to 31." via Chimei Innolux

LCDs and American Manufacturing "Given the cost of a standard LCD fab at upwards of $4 billion, it is not that the process is dependent on wage rates and naturally suited to low wage countries. It is also not that there hasn't been efforts to make displays in the US; plenty venture capital has been spent on developing new technologies. However, it takes a lot either to bring a new display technology to market and even to survive in what can be a tough business." via Flat Panel Display Blog

LED Monitor delivers brightness rating of 1,400 nits "With a brightness rating of 1400 nits, the HBT-1904O is great for almost any application that requires a larger size monitor with a sunlight readable screen. This monitor also has touch options available, in both, resistive or surface acoustic wave. " via ThomasNet

NEC Display Solutions Expands Showcase Events for Customers and Partners "...said Ashley Flaska, Vice President of Marketing at NEC Display Solutions. “The events present an ideal opportunity for our partners, customers and prospects to learn about new NEC products and services as well as glean trends from experts in the industry.”" via Virtual-Strategy Magazine

NANOMARKETS ANNOUNCES UPCOMING REPORT ON OPTICALLY FUNCTIONAL FILMS COMING IN SEPTEMBER OF 2012 "This new report from NanoMarkets focuses on how opportunities for optically functional films will emerge within the changing display sector. The report shows how value is being created in the optical films market by enhancing the performance of displays, and how manufacturers of these products may be able to capitalize of the trend toward increasing adoption of OLEDs and e-paper displays in mainstream displays." via Melodika

16 Misleading Display Specs and What They Really Mean "Just because a manufacturer lists "technical specifications" doesn't mean those numbers are true—very often it's marketing dressed up as science. Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies breaks down some commonly misleading specs so you don't get fooled by the lies." via Gizmodo

BlackBerry 10 Powered Devices Will Be Able To Support 3D Display Technology "This is the “Dev Alpha device” that the company had been touting for some time, and it appears as if this will be RIM’s first-ever HD touchscreen phone. And that’s not all – the blog added that even those anachronistic BlackBerries with portrait-orientation QWERTY keyboards will come with 720 x 720 HD support." via Eastern Morning Herald

Latest deals from China - from $90 1920x1200 screens to 110-inch 4K displays "Enter China: even as a simple customer in one of Shenzhen's or Dongguan's electronics markets, you'll have a more interesting choice of some products that seemingly never reach our shores, yet solve this monitor resolution and productivity problems without tearing the wallets apart. Here's a good example: Tanpo is an absolutely unknown brand here, but up there they have something called P17EYM, a lovely, compact 1 kg-class slim 17-inch LED monitor with 1920x1200 resolution and, of course, the 16:10 ratio." via VR-Zone

Breakthrough of Domestic Television Liquid Crystal Display Panel Industry by BOE, Hefei "The Sixth Generation Line of Hefei BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is the first advanced liquid crystal product line in China and has become a leading strategic emerging industry in Anhui. " via Anhui News

The iPhone 5 bottleneck of in-cell touchscreens -- Can Sharp, LG, and Japan Display meet demand? "The capacity of each panel maker (LGD, JDI, Sharp) is estimated at around 7 million units of the touchscreens per month, with an initial yield ratio around 80%. Expect an additional yield loss of about 10-20% at the final assembly process. Given this, Barclays estimates iPhone 5 production could reach around 15 million units in Q3 and 45 million units in Q4. " via Solid State Technology

Panasonic intros new LCDs to Europe "New entrants to Panasonic's large format display family, Panasonic said the TH-70LF50 and TH-80LF50 are the world's thinnest displays over 70 inches, with a depth of only 89 millimeters." via Digital Signage Today

AUO seeks solar module partners to counter tariffs "AU Optronics, which is diversifying its business from LCD panel manufacturing to the solar sector, is inviting solar module brands and power plant operators to forge strategic partnerships to supply solar modules made in its factory in Brno, Czech Republic." via Taipei Times

Press Release: NEC launches MultiSync X401S super slim public display "NEC Display Solutions has unveiled the MultiSync X401S, a 40-inch LCD public display that combines efficiency - thanks to its Edge LED backlight - with elegance due to the super-slim and light design." via Meed

New Touchscreen Thermal Cycler Makes PCR Setup Quick and Easy "The new Bioer LifeTouch™ 96-well gradient thermal cycler, from Alpha Laboratories Ltd, has a clear, 6.5" full colour, Touchscreen menu and display. Combined with its powerful and intuitive programming this enables easy PCR set up in just a few seconds." via Labmate Online

CCS-Inc. Releases New Panel PC, the Seppala-T New Cost-Effective Alternative for Industrial Settings " Available in 10-, 12-, and 15-inch models, this rugged computer has a touchscreen display built on Intel® Atom™ technology." via Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Integrated HMI and PLC "The integration of a human machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) provides a lean automation solution. ...For OEMs and control engineers alike, this means it is easier to build smaller, smarter machines faster—freeing both OEMs and engineers from having to use controllers and equipment simply because of a familiarity and a prohibitive cost to change." via InTech

Touchy Subject: Touchscreen Technologies 101 "For integrators not playing in the interactive space, it can be rather confusing to know why or when to specify one product over another. Without further ado, here is a quick look at the types of touchscreen technology available." via Commercial Alligator

Info Retail Captures Customer Attention with LG Digital Signage "According to the company, the LG monitors are designed for constant operation and mount easily, which is what Info Retail needed to fit the customer experience." via Digital Signage Connection

4K, 84-inch 'ultra' HDTV from LG is ready to start shipping now in Korea, worldwide next month "The 84LM9600 does 3D with LG's Cinema 3D passive glasses technology, however its ultra high pixel count means you're still watching in 1080p even with the resolution loss since it starts at 3,840 x 2,160, and also features "3D sound" with integrated 2.2 channel speakers." via engadget

Small LCD Panel Patterns Persist "Perhaps the real reason so much has been written about small panel demand recently is the capacity allocation shift underway among display makers. HannStar Display (HSD) is a prime example. In January, 2008 that producer reported no small panel shipments. A year later, 72% of HSD’s shipments were small panels. " via Display Central

Matrox Multi Display Solutions to Drive Broadcast, Post-Production, and Digital Signage Platforms at IBC 2012 "Also at the Matrox booth, the DualHead2Go Digital ME will yield a cost-effective multi-monitor platform for more-effective multitasking across two 23″ high-resolution DVI monitors. Connecting to the Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt output of a Mac notebook, the DualHead2Go Digital ME is must-have productivity-enhancing gear for video editors and design artists in any content-creation or multimedia capacity." via Display Central

Sharp Adds 13 Industrial Strength LCD Modules to its All LED-backlit Line-up "Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) announced 13 additions to its LED-backlit line of Industrial Strength TFT LCD modules, as well as its completed transition to an all-LED backlit line-up. The new panels range in size from 3.7-inch to 19.0-inch diagonal, filling in a number of popular diagonal size classes with more options and features." via Sharp


Display Alliance Interviews Unified Brand CEO About Digital Signage

Image via Unified Brand

Many thanks to Guy Tonti, CEO of Unified Brand (, for taking the time to speak to Display Alliance about the digital signage industry. Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. We supply LCD display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call or email Jason for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190 ext. 585 or

DA: What is the state of the digital signage industry? Where is it and where is it going?

Guy Tonti: Digital signage continues to grow in both is presence and dollars spent in the competitive space of advertising alternatives. This primarily results from the underlying changes in technology dropping its costs relative to its ability to reach desirable customers. This change is occurring in numerous technology segments of the solution; the internet, displays, player, content development software and demographic analysis; all of which is making digital signage more affordable, ultimately providing a more viable alternative to traditional broadcast TV or billboards.

In the past, advertisers and agencies have viewed digital signage with skepticism. They have not included it in the advertising mix they provide their clients because of its cost and the lack of confidence in the customer analytics. The combination of lowering the relative cost of an advertisement and the increase in ability to measure the signage’s effectiveness is making it a more viable advertisement alternative. 

DA: What does Unified Brand bring to digital signage?

Guy Tonti: Unified Brand has an extremely adaptable and cost effective digital signage content production and distribution model. We interface with our customers at both the system and personal level in truly unique ways such that we can provide for them to make unlimited content changes. This means our customers can react faster to demands for changes in their messaging in ways other advertising medium cannot.

In our automobile dealerships, this means changes in service and parts specials that directly relate to current events. An example is recently Phoenix experienced a “100 year dust storm,” that blanketed the city in an unprecedented layer of powder. Within hours we had content up on all our Phoenix dealership signs announcing special offers on filter replacements. All experienced an uptick in sales of this that would not have happened if word-of-mouth had been the only communication method available. 

In our retail establishments, changes in restaurant daily specials based on food availability is a normal occurrence. We now allow for the restaurant announcing it in their social media, to also be automatically changed on the sign. This reinforces the message, and doubles the chance of a consumer purchasing the special. 

DA: What are the most important considerations when choosing the actual displays for digital signage? Does it depend on content?

Guy Tonti: Content is always key, but too often the digital signage customer most important consideration moves to cost of the display.

The effect of changes in display technologies means customers continually see prices drop and the content on the displays looking better. What is hard to quantify at the time of purchase is the difference in commercial and consumer grade displays. A signage customer seeing new commercial and consumer displays often cannot see a notable difference. What needs to be considered is those displays effect on the viewer of the content over time.

The consumer displays do not have the same quality of components to withstand continual playing. They become adversely affected by degradation in components and screen “burn-in” that makes content be much less appealing. The worst case is component failure causing a display shutdown, resulting in a blank screen and a replacement being required. Both of these decrease the viewer experience with digital signage and reflect negatively on the digital sign owner company. 

The use of commercial displays means the content continues over time to look sharp and appealing to the viewer, as well the display reliability allowing for less total cost of ownership.

DA: How does digital signage change the customer experience?

Guy Tonti: Digital signage is the only advertising medium that is at the convergence of messaging and point-of purchase. It provides for the digital sign advertiser to provide relevant information to the consumer at the optimal point in the sales cycle. 

It is the optimal medium for providing content that is specific to the viewer. All sign owners know their viewer demographics such that tailoring the content to them is possible. Many of our restaurant owners changes their content based on time of day, day of week, and seasonally, with no physical actions required. This makes the signs be more profitable, but more importantly more relevant to the viewer such that they are more likely to watch the display. 

It also allows for the sign owner to provide alternate communication methods. Not every customer takes in information the same way. A visual learner in an auto dealership would be much better served learning of a new car’s features by watching a digital sign, and have a higher potential to buy. More many of our dealers their signage reinforces messaging customers have seen on broadcast TV or via the internet, making for a more comfortable buying experience. 

DA: What is Unified Brand working on at the moment? Is there anything particular you are excited about?

Guy Tonti: Our goal for every sign is to increase the amount of time it is viewed. Interesting and exciting content is something we do phenomenally well, but it has become the table stakes every sign owner and sign viewer expects. 

The ubiquity of both the internet and mobile devices means a sign owner or screen viewer can easily react to, and then potentially make changes to, the content being displayed. 

This technology convergence is allowing for the most exciting area we are focused on is to allow for and encourage the customer to interact with the display. 

Our initial focus is for sign owners to allow for relevant and real-time content from their social media sites to be displayed so viewers will feel more connected. The displaying of customer check-ins is the first step to grow the sense of community. A customer checking-in will let others know of their presence in a live manner, while also encouraging the use of social media interaction with the sign owner. The next logical step is for displaying of moderated messaging in a system-to-system manner. This again has the dual purpose of growing the sign owner community and customer experience at that establishment. 

Another development is for sign owners to interactively change the sign messaging based on customer input. An auto dealership showroom can change the displayed content to feature a specific model that provides more information to help the customer in their buying decision. This will also build on the above mentioned alternative learning signage can provide, providing for a more balanced communication experience.
Though mobility and the internet have received many of the headlines recently, these are ultimately the change agents for how digital signage is used to communicate at the point of action. Unified Brand is very fortunate to be at the vortex of a great technical and social revolution resulting from this, and is continuing to leverage digital signage to make our customers’ businesses grow.

The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.20.2012

Image via Xbit Laboratories

Hon Hai raises the stakes, wants 20 percent ownership of Sharp "Sharp has already given up half of its 93 percent stake in its display division to Hon Hai, and losing an additional 10 percent of overall ownership will hurt the company even further as screens for Apple's next iPhone begin to ship. " via The Verge

Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. Mass Integrated supplies display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190 ext. 585 or email

BenQ sees 2Q12 Japan market share of 12% for gaming LCD monitors "Chang said BenQ has been looking for niche markets to bump up its profits and that it held 70% of the 24-inch and above-sized market in Japan where such products only make up 30% of the gaming market." via DigiTimes

BOE to construct additional 8.5G production line in China "The announcement has left Taiwan-based panel makers such as Chimei Innolux (CMI) and AU Optronics (AUO) worrying that the ramifications of increased panel production in China will result in greater competition, cheaper panel prices and reduced profits, added the sources." via DigiTimes

Tech manufacturing returning, U.S. group says "Survey results showed that OEMs were largely responsible for operations returning to North America from overseas since 2009, accounting for more than 90 percent of the value and number of jobs brought back. The electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry accounts for the largest share of overseas operations that participating companies plan to bring back to North America in the next three years." via EE Times

Foxconn Plans to Build $10 Billion Manufacturing Facilities in Indonesia - Report. "Earlier this year Foxconn acquired a stake in Sharp and gained partial control of one of the world's leading LCD manufacturing facilities. As a result, Foxconn secured supply of liquid crystal displays used in mobile phones, personal computers, tablets, TVs and other popular devices. " via Xbit Laboratories

LG Display's tablet panel sales double in Q2 " LG Display Co., the world's No. 2 maker of liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, saw its sales of tablet panels more than double in the second quarter from three months earlier thanks to shipments for Apple Inc.'s iPads, a report showed Thursday." via Yonhap News Agency

Micromax Pixel A90 "The Pixel A90 is an Indian-bound dual-SIM Android (v4) smartphone with a 4.3" 800x480 Super AMOLED display." via OLED-Info

Large-Area LCD Panel Prices Remain Unchanged "Demand for large-area panels will be weak in the fourth quarter but this is unlikely to affect prices." via DisplaySearch

An Introduction To Display Panel Coating "One thing which many buyers will be unaware of is that all LCD displays are supplied with a protective filter layer on the front of the panel itself. This coating is used to protect the panel from damage, filter and diffuse the light output and in many cases reduce glare from other light sources in your workspace. What is also tricky to understand is that different panels can have different types of coating, varying considerably by panel technology and manufacturers. This article is designed to help highlight some of those differences so that readers can make an informed decision about their next monitor purchase." via TFT Central

Touch Panels and Advanced Technologies Drive Smart Phone Display Demand "Active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays are using on-cell touch, while TFT LCD makers are focusing on in-cell touch technology for high-resolution LTPS. Currently, the top two global smart phone brands—Apple and Samsung—are leading the adoption of these approaches." via DisplaySearch

Panel Makers’ Plans for Oxide TFT "By 2015, oxide TFT will account for 10% of the global TFT/AMOLED capacity." via DisplaySearch

Philips to Showcase New Displays at IFA 2012 "If you’re visiting IFA in Berlin this year from 31 August to 5 September, be sure not to miss the Philips stand, where MMD will be unveiling brand-new monitors by Philips." via TFT Central

Revising our Composite CAGR Chart for the Digital Signage Market "But so far, it looks like 2011 was a fairly good year for the digital signage industry. However, if the projections from all four of the featured research companies are to be believed, 2012 should be quite a bit better, and it should be pretty smooth sailing for the next few years, barring another macroeconomic catastrophe." via The Digital Signage Insider

Robot provides virtual medical care "iRobot and InTouch Health have partnered to create the Remote Presence Virtual+Independent Telemedicine Assistant (RP-VITA) through which a doctor in a remote location can conduct patient care as if he or she is in the room. ...The robot stands five feet four inches in height, has a battery life of about four to five hours, and allows a doctor to communicate with patients through a video screen at the top of the robot. A smaller screen below the live-interaction interface provides information to the patient about the doctor administering care." via EE Times

Apple's iPad mini display to have ITO film coating "According to AppleInsider, ITO is a super thin and lightweight coating that isan electrically conductive transparent substance that acts as an EMI shield and helps reduce radio interference. ITO is a solid solution that possesses great conductivity and transparency properties. It is often used as a coating for flat panel and plasma displays." via Computerworld

2012 Flex: Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference and Exhibition "Over 100 presentations on the latest flexible, printed electronics and displays technology and market information plus inspiring keynotes are captured in the conference proceedings. Presentations span many topics from R&D to manufacturing to applications in communication, energy, lighting and medical/healthcare." via Research and Markets

LCD Touch Panel Monitor remotely checks alarm probes "Compatible with the MCG 1090 and MCG 1095 Level Alarm Probes, the MCG 7030 offers the end user complete remote checking of the alarm probes at their fingertips. With a number of significant improvements over its predecessor, the MCG 7000, the MCG 7030 features a user-friendly touch screen LCD panel. Interfaced with multiple tanks, the MCG 7030 offers the end user information on probe status, event history, test history, field status and tank details." via ThomasNet

Futuresource Consulting Reports Global Video Wall Market On Track for 60 Percent Growth In 2012 "...said Parmjit Bhangal, market analyst, Futuresource Consulting. "Since 2009, LED backlight solutions have been integrated into rear projection displays, negating the costs of bulb replacement and maintenance. However, LCD super narrow bezel displays - SNBs - have been the real game-changer, finally offering a viable alternative to rear projection devices and plasma screens, allowing vendors to drive new revenue streams from new markets, most notably retail and public display, as well as defending their positions in video-based verticals." via Digital Signage Connection

Samsung: A Deep Dive Into The Conglomerate's Many Divisions "Samsung's LCD display panel business contributes only about 8% to the company's value, despite having the second-largest market share (~23%) in the market, as of 2011. The company's display business has been the worst affected by the ongoing European debt crisis - which saw demand for TVs decline." via Seeking Alpha

Flying friendly skies with Universal Avionics "DeHerrera said using high definition displays, high resolution display glass and faster processors that run cooler, Universal Avionics is able to present a pilot with a view of the world, including runways, that he might not even be able to see outside his windscreen. “If the pilot were flying down a canyon, we can show him what it looks like in real time with this system,” DeHerrera said. “And with our Enhanced Vision System (EVS), which uses infrared technology, we can even show the pilot if a deer is running across the runway.”" via Inside Tucson Business

Applied Materials sees revenue drop, reviews businesses "But Applied Materials is also struggling to sell equipment to manufacturers in the sluggish television and solar panel industries. "We all understand the industry is under pressure. Their outlook is worse because of not only the chip environment but their display and solar businesses," said Patrick Ho, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus." via CNBC

Solar Panels: Let's Lose This Competition "I remember that in the 1990s, Smart People like Lester Thurow told us that America's economic fate hinged on who "won" the flat panel display industry. Really? How's that looking now? And what is so wonderful about "winning" the competition to produce products that will inevitably become commoditized-as flat panels did?" via Seeking Alpha


The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.15.2012

Will CCFL Baklights be around Next Year "Color LCDs reached a tipping point where there ceased to be any cost advantage to monochrome. Now we may have just such a tipping point in LCD backlights." via Flat Panel Display Blog

Planar Systems' CEO Discusses F3Q12 Results "In the past 18 months or so, our strategy has shifted more towards building innovative differentiated standard products such as our Matrix product family where we can leverage our investments and drive volume cross larger customer sets." via Seeking Alpha

Industry insiders square off on the future of kiosks "Ken Lonyai, kiosk hardware and software developer, in response to Bowers, took the flip side and argued that mobile devices will narrow the kiosk field and cull the industry with Darwinian results." via Self Service World

Greenhouses To Grow Interactive Digital Signage? "Applying SFCS technology (Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing) to greenery means that ordinary plants can detect multiple frequencies of electrical signals. This is a jump ahead of the single frequency detection seen in standard capacitive touch sensing technology currently used in laptop trackpads, digital audio players, computer displays, mobile phones and tablets." via Noventri

Semi-Set + BMS: New LCD TV OEM Model "Through the new semi-BMS business model, Samsung is gaining strong leverage from its competitive supply base, both internally and externally." via Display Search

A new photoconductive AFM module enables precise OLED measurements "The new modules enables sample illumination while performing nanoscale electrical characterization. Bruker says that the new module (combined with their PeakForce TUNA technology) enables the highest resolution photoconductivity and nanomechanical mapping for OLED (or OPV) device samples." via OLED-Info

LG Display Tablet Panel Sales Revenue Climbs in Q2 "At the same time, the South Korean electronics giant indicated it would convert some of its current Generation 6 amorphous-silicon liquid crystal display (a-Si LCD) fab production capacity into low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) LCD likely to be used for smartphones—a move that is believed would allow LG to meet future panel demand for smartphones, such as the new Apple iPhone." via iSuppli

CPT to feature new technologies at Touch Taiwan "In the Innovation section, CPT will feature transparent and wide viewing angle displays, which industry observers say will be the mainstream for vendors to display product information. The observers said the screens will also be used in the architectural, advertising and public sectors and will see expansive growth in the years to come. ...Touch Taiwan will run from August 29-31 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall." via DigiTimes

Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. Mass Integrated supplies display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190 ext. 585 or email

Large-sized panel shipments to increase in August "Large-sized LCD panel shipments are expected to increase in August as downstream brand customers in the panel industry are stocking up their reserves to prepare for the traditional busy season in upcoming months." via DigiTimes

55" OLED Screens 8 to 10 Times More Expensive to Produce "According to DisplaySearch, LG's 55" W-OLED screen panels with white, red, green and blue diodes are eight times more expensive to produce than equivalent-sized LCD panels. Samsung's OLED panels are reported to be 10 times more expensive to make!" via Digital Versus

Thinking This iPad Mini Thing Even Througher "But if you shrink the device enough, and reduce the weight enough, would such a device still need a bezel surrounding the display of the same proportions as the iPad-as-we-know-it? Maybe not." via Daring Fireball

Kazuo Hirai on Where He's Taking Sony "As you probably know, we dissolved our joint venture with Samsung so that we are now able to go into the open market to get the best pricing for our LCD panels. We also dissolved our joint venture with Sharp for the same reason. So that’s giving us more competitive edge." via Bloomberg Businessweek

Here’s A Sneak Preview Of The Pebble Smart Watch UI "...since the display uses e-paper technology, the battery lasts up to seven days — way longer than your average LCD display would." via TechCrunch

Touchscreen displays will become a $31.9B market by 2018 "More than 200 suppliers have entered the market, providing technology in 12 different categories of displays. The aging resistive touchscreen technology still has 97 suppliers, up from 64 in 2009 — all providing screens that can detect touches from any kind of object well but are not really meant for multifinger touches. Projected capacitive screens, which have risen dramatically due to the popularity of multitouch (which uses multiple fingers on a screen), has grown from 27 suppliers in 2009 to 102 in 2012." via Venture Beat

The Future of Thermal Mitigation Technology for Electronics Showcased at Advancements in Thermal Management 2012 Conference "The Advancements in Thermal Management conference has announced its 2012 dates, Sept. 18-19, 2012 in Denver, Co. This event features educational presentations on the latest technology for managing temperature in electronics, including cooling, thermal imaging, temperature sensing and control, thermal interface materials and board level heating technology. ...The co-located events will provide opportunities to network with potential new clients and share a combined exhibit hall floor, which is open to all attendees." via MarketWatch

RESEARCH SHOWS CONSUMER TVS INFILTRATING PUBLIC DISPLAY MARKET ""This focus on higher-margin, larger-size displays is welcoming news—not just for display brands but for their global integrators alike. With a focus on technologies that have relevance to specific end-market needs, other players in the digital signage ecosystem also benefit by avoiding price comparisons against commoditised TVs," noted Chris Connery, NPD DisplaySearch vice president of PC and Large Format Commercial Displays." via inAVate

Sharp shares fall amid fears of worsening losses "Analysts have cited worries over weak demand for liquid crystal display televisions, its main product, as Sharp continues to lose ground to rivals such as Samsung. Sharp is also under pressure from its creditors Mizuho Financial and Mitsubishi UFJ to restructure its business further in order to receive new loans." via BBC News

Multivac at Fachpack: Labelling, printing and inspection via one user interface "The conveyor belt labeller is equipped with MULTIVAC's HMI 2.0 human-machine interface, in which the MULTIVAC vision system for quality control and the MULTIVAC TTO thermal transfer printer are also integrated. "Both the operation of the labeller and the printer, as well as the operation, parametrisation and display of er-ror graphics and diagnostic functions for the vision system, are carried out via one and the same HMI 2.0", explains Daniel Siegenbrink, the Control Technology Manager at MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection. " via Packaging Europe

Chimei Innolux to Win 40%-50% Share of White-brand Tablet PC Touch-panel Market "In addition to sales in China, many Chinese white-brand tablet PC makers also export products to other nations. So, the annual demand for touch panels for white-brand tablet PCs this year is expected to reach some 60 million units, with 7-inch models as the mainstream and followed by 10-inch ones. Chimei Innolux aims to ship more than 25 million touch panels for white-brand tablet PCs, accounting for 40% to 50% of the application market, Hsu said. " via CENS

SAMTEL DISPLAY SYSTEMS IS NOW 'SAMTEL AVIONICS & DEFENCE "Samtel Display Systems Ltd. - one of India's premier organisations in the domain of avionics and defence has announced its change of name to 'SAMTEL AVIONICS & DEFENCE SYSTEMS LTD.' effective immediately. The new name aligns with the company's evolving business focus as it grows into new domains of opto-electronics and built-to-print, besides displays for cockpits and military applications." via Melodika

PAT Avionics shows G-HULP heads-up-display system for recreational aircraft "Like the military versions, the G-HULP HUD uses laser projection technology, superimposing information on a transparent 7 x 3.5-inch (178 x 89 mm) display attached to the top of the instrument panel in front of the pilot." via Gizmag

Is This The New iPhone Screen Technology? "In particular, one section describes how in-cell technology can be used in conjunction with in-plane-switching (IPS) panels — the technology used by the current iPhone 4S’s Retina display." via Gizmodo

Kinze Options ISOBUS Capability "The connection also includes compatibility with John Deere's GreenStar display, and allows produces to use the equipment without having to change monitors, displays, wiring harnesses, or electrical connectors with different implements from different manufacturers." via Farm Futures

Optical Gas Imaging - New Course Announced "FLIR Systems (France) has been a leading light in the commercialisation of thermal imaging cameras across all wavelengths in the infrared spectrum. This has led to some important developments, including the application of infrared to gas detection. ...This course is suitable for both those who already own an optical gas imaging camera, as well as those considering using the technology in their facility." via Environmental Technology

The New Narrow Touch Screen Kiosk From Kiosks4business "For customers wishing to deploy touch screen interactive kiosks there is often a trade off between screen size (resolution) required for the application and limited space to install the kiosks. Finding a good position to place new technology in retail, reception or other environments has to be considered carefully and a bulky kiosk design does not help." via Sequoia Group News


The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.13.2012

Sharp running out of options to save company as LCD sales slump "“Demand for LCD televisions in developed economies has been saturated while growth in emerging markets is slowing. Falling prices for LCDs is not going to stop,'' Kurahashi said. “The trouble with Sharp is that it cannot find a new cash cow ... It is an extremely difficult task to build a new mainstay business which can survive intensifying global competition.''" via The Australian 

Foxconn to resubmit its plan to buy Sharp stake to Taiwanese regulators "As part of the investment, both companies are forming a partnership to collaborate in various business fields to improve component production. The original deal would have given Foxconn half of the LCD panels manufactured at a key Sharp factory in Sakai, Japan, with both companies jointly running the facility." via IT World

Sharp May Issue Preferred Securities "Sharp is also mulling selling to Hon Hai some overseas factories producing liquid crystal display televisions, the sources said. Subject to the potential sale to the Taiwanese firm are believed to be TV assembly plants in Mexico, Poland, China and Malaysia." via Fox Business 

Constrained Supply Of New iPhones Projected; Disputed "And while acknowledging that there have been concerns over supply constraints for the new Apple phone’s display and casing, Mr. Moskowitz is quoted saying that J.P. Morgan’s Asia Tech team doesn’t anticipate any “major limitation or hurdle” inhibiting a strong year-end iPhone 5 marketing push, and that even assuming component supply issues, Apple should be able to produce 20 million units in the September quarter, and be able to ramp up 39 million iPhones in the December quarter." via The iPhone 5 News Blog 

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Universal Avionics' equipment selected for important milestone in Turkish aviation history "The TAI Hürkuş is primarily being built to meet the requirements of the Turkish Air Force Command (TAF). Universal Avionics will deliver two RCU units and two EFI-890R Flat Panel Displays to be used as Primary Flight Displays (PFD) in each cockpit." via Skies Mag 

Corning And Samsung Shift Manufacturing Capacity From Korea To China "The move to set up a plant in China was driven by the anticipated growth in the LCD TV industry in the country over the long term and the advantages that accrue from local sourcing. At present, China’s LCD TV end market constitutes more than 20% of the worldwide market, and this number is expected to rise in the future." via Trefis

Coherent boosted by flat-panel display bookings "Coherent, one of the world’s leading laser vendors, says that it now has a record order backlog, thanks in large part to booming demand for excimer systems from makers of LCD and active-matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays." via

An eco-friendly LCD that doesn't cheat on performance "If you're serious about saving money on energy -- and helping to preserve the environment -- the 22-inch EA223WM-BK display from NEC Display Solutions is worth a look. This is a good LCD that uses LEDs for backlight -- and somehow draws in almost no power." via Government Computer News

Taiwan’s Optoelectronics Makers Most Willing to Expand Cooperation With Japanese Counterparts: MOEA Survey "A survey conducted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) showed that 6.38% of domestic manufactures polled, especially larger ones, would move to expand their business cooperation with Japanese enterprises in the coming year, particularly on the joint development of optoelectronics materials and components." via CENS

InterDigital Signs Wistron to Worldwide Patent License Agreement Which Includes 4G "The agreement covers various products, including handsets, wireless modules, computers, tablets and other consumer electronic devices, designed to operate in accordance with 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless standards, including LTE and LTE-Advanced." via MarketWatch

eMagin Announces Record Second Quarter 2012 Revenues "“We captured the highest level of new business bookings ever, which drove our backlog to new highs. This performance, demonstrates the strong demand for our displays, from our new digital VGA to our latest HD WUXGA. These microdisplays are used in a wide range of products from portable viewers and thermal weapons sights to military and personal headsets." via GNT

Himax Technologies, Inc. Provides Third Quarter 2012 Financial Guidance ""We also expect solid demand for several other products, including our driver ICs for large-panels in China; new product segments such as automotive, tablets and notebooks for our small and medium-sized driver ICs; and our fast-growing touch panel controllers in the non-driver product line. These product demands will produce noteworthy shipments in the second half of this year. We are also shifting the focus of our LCOS microdisplay business to a new application, head-mounted display."" via Globe Newswire

Calibrate grain yield monitors before harvest begins in earnest "Since we are on the edge of what could be a great harvest season for you, I would like to take a little time and give you some information on the importance of yield monitor calibration. For those of you are engaged in precision agriculture techniques on your farm or you consult for/with those who do, a yield monitor is an important tool for evaluating production practices such as precision soil sampling, variety evaluation, variable-rate seeding, variable-rate nitrogen, etc." via

OLEDs and Swords "As semi-conductor makers are aware, softly whispering the word alkali in the fab can put enough sodium in the product to kill production. It was a parts per billion chemistry issue (with a phosphor poison) that originally put Westinghouse, the inventor of the active matrix LCD, out of the TV business." via Flat Panel Display Blog

How to Use Your Android Tablet as a Secondary Display "On a slower or congested wireless network connection, you'll notice lag when dragging windows to and from the tablet's screen, and video playback will most likely drop frames. A few applications may not render properly either, but we had an issue only with Internet Explorer 9. Other browsers worked fine." via PCWorld

HP 2311xi IPS Monitor "With a street price of $200, HP is aiming directly at value priced TN displays that have ruled the low-end of the LCD market for years. We finally might be starting to move to better panels, as the price of IPS continues to come down." via AnandTech


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Happy Friday! I'll leave you with another episode of "Will It Blend" where you get to watch an iPhone ground to dust inside a blender:


The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.10.2012

Image via Planar Blog

Planar LookThru Display Box Adapted Into Multiple Industries "Jacob Turetsky suggested the use of the Planar LookThru in a medical laboratory environment. Allowing researchers the ability to have everything they need, from charts, graphs or other information, accessible right on the screen in front of them as they worked in a sterile environment." via Planar Blog

Taiwan panel makers look to emerging markets to increase revenues "The sources also said monitor shipments are expected to increase in emerging markets in 2012 and makers are developing new-sizes, and low-cost LCD panels to attract orders from local vendors." via DigiTimes

AUO sees drop in July revenue due to earthquake "The company said the earthquake contributed to its 9.7% on-month drop with large-sized panels in July. The company also saw a 17.8% on-month drop in small- to medium-size panel shipments, as well as a 5.1% decrease in consolidated revenue, which came to NT$31.72 billion (US$1.06 billion)." via DigiTimes

Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. Mass Integrated supplies display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190 ext. 585

Audi to equip the R18 e-tron car with their 7.7" AMOLED digital rear-view "mirror" "The AMOLED display was chosen because of the high density, excellent image quality and very fast response time (good even at 330 km/h). ...The e-tron will be a small-volume electric road car that has no rear window and thus cannot use a conventional mirror." OLED-Info

A Projection Avatar Lands at La Guadia "Projection type displays are increasingly "off the radar" in many markets. However, that may be due to not having quite the right product as projection can still provide great value and unique form factors." via Flat Panel Display Blog

Remote Display Access from John Deere Improves Machine Uptime "By using an Internet-connected device, users with Remote Display Access can view the operator's GreenStar™3 2630 Display screen, which helps them to identify any problems, assist the operator in navigating the steps needed to resolve an issue or ensure correct settings and machine operation. According to Dave Mulder, product manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, as part of the growing suite of JDLink™ telematic products, Remote Display Access improves communication and offers faster resolution of problems to increase equipment uptime and operational performance in the field." via John Deere

Alexander Dodds Showcases New Technology at IWF 2012 "The new SE-1CNC - D dovetail machine is a totally re-designed CNC system with a user friendly operator interface touch screen. Designed to alert operators of misalignments or positioning errors prior to cutting parts. Built-in flexibility to cut standard dovetails, multi-width dovetails, box joints, and optional French dovetails. Every shop can profit from this newly redesigned dovetail machine with production rates of 40-60 drawers an hour." via Woodworking Network

Japan's Citizen Holdings buys Micron's display ops "Japanese watchmaker Citizen Holdings Co said on Friday that its U.S. unit bought chipmaker Micron Technology Inc's display operations to speed up new product development in areas such as electronic view finders used in digital cameras." via Reuters 

Dream into Reality: Sizable yet Transparent and Flexible Display "“Bottom line is that leading companies should spend less effort on already commoditized products and quickly move towards high-end markets. If the display project succeeds, we are expecting that a considerable portion of the display market will be replaced with transparent and flexible displays by 2020. It can be a tough competition but I’m confident that in the near future, you will see the marvelous transparent screen “Minority Report” turn to reality.”" via Korea IT Times  

FlexTech Alliance Opens 2013 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference Call For Papers "The FlexTech Alliance, focused on developing the electronic display and the flexible, printed electronics industry supply chains, today announced the Call for Papers is open for the 12th annual Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference & Exhibition. The 3 day multi-track Flex Conference consists of in-depth technical and business development presentations covering the entire flexible electronics supply chain. Taking place January 29 – February 1, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona, the event also includes interactive exhibits and product demonstrations, a short course series, academic research, poster sessions and a variety of networking opportunities." via The Sacramento Bee


The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.8.2012

Image via Automotive IT

Introducing a new car model – virtually "Inreal’s virtual technology is built around the cinemizer OLED multimedia video glasses first introduced by lens specialist Carl Zeiss in 2010. The glasses combine three-dimensional viewing with stereo sound, providing a high-quality virtual experience." Automotive IT

AUO adjusts its business model in hope of decreasing losses "AU Optronics (AUO) has been focusing on product differentiation, improvements with its product portfolio and increasing the proportion of its sales from small- and medium-sized panels in order to attempt to make up for seven consecutive quarters of losses, said sources." via DigiTimes

Sharp LCD-based support plan is up for renegotiation "The plan was for Sharp to transfer the company's advanced, small-to-medium LCD panel technology to a Hon Hai fab under construction in China’s Sichuan province. Hon Hai was expected to pay about $850 million in return for a 9.98 percent stake in the company. ...However, the original buy-in was negotiated with Sharp shares at price of 550 yen per share and they are now trading at below 200 yen per share." via EE Times

Apollo Display's VideoPoster Technology Updates Parking Meters for the 21st Century "For use in the parking meters, Apollo's VideoPoster was configured for a 10.1-inch widescreen panel to which a trigger playlist via a PIR (passive infrared sensor) motion sensor was added." via Digital Signage Connection

Forecast Revised Down for Flat Panel Displays in Commercial, Public Display Settings "The global market for public displays remains strong, but in recent quarters, flat panel display manufacturers have emphasized revenue and profit over volume, thus lowering the overall unit shipment outlook for this category." via DisplaySearch

Is the future of digital signage for sale, retail? "Bucklin agreed that this would likely be a good way to get more people to get to that entry point into digital signage, at least at first. Other all-in-one, "sign-in-a-box" type deployments have generally met with limited success, he said, "primarily because there's a hardware, a software and a content component, and all three have to be well implemented to be successful."" via Digital Signage Today

Digital Signage as a Retail product "In the end, the decision to offer signage through retail may be the biggest innovation in TV since the introduction of flat panels." via Flat Panel Display Blog


The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.6.2012

Image via eMagin / OLED-Info

eMagin got $2.4 million to develop high-brightness 2000x2000 OLED microdisplays for the US Navy "eMagin explains that in contrast to night vision goggles, which require a low brightness display so that military personnel can transition more easily from wearing the goggles to the light of their actual surroundings, aircraft cockpit displays require a very high brightness in order to be seen anytime during the day." via OLED-Info

E Ink to Acquire SiPix "Combined with Bridgestone’s exit from the electrophoretic display (EPD) business, this means that E Ink, the first company to mass produce EPD, will be the sole manufacturer of the technology." via DisplaySearch Blog

Nouvoyance explains why PenTile OLEDs last longer "[PenTile] enables larger sub-pixels, and a higher aperture ratio (or fill factor - the ratio of active area to nonactive area). This reduces the current density required to achieve a given luminance - which improves lifetime." via OLED-Info

Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc., a global display distributor. Mass Integrated supplies display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190

Detailed info of leaked iPhone 5 front glass lens

What Can an RGB LED Display Do for You? "By changing which sub-pixels are lit, and how brightly, the display can create any color. For example, if the pixel needs to be magenta, then the red and blue LEDs would both light up, creating the impression of magenta when seen at a distance." via Active Display Solutions Blog

Industrial displays with RGB background illumination module "Electronic Assembly's range of industrial displays includes an RGB background illumination module which makes it possible to set any shade of colour, including white. The five graphic displays of the DOG line offer a resolution of 102 x 64 to 160 x 104 pixels. The three text displays can show two or three lines of text at 16 characters per line, or a single line with up to 8 characters." via NewElectronics

HTC preparing a 5-inch phone with 1080p display for September, say reports "This information comes from DigiTimes, citing an unusual resolution of 1794 x 1080, which we're guessing means it has a full 1920 x 1080 panel, but omits 126 vertical lines for Android's onscreen navigation buttons, introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich." via TheVerge

Orbotech Receives Multiple Orders from Leading Touch Screen Makers for Laser Direct Imaging Systems "Orbotech's LDI systems are used to enable the mass production of One Glass Solution ("OGS") sensors on routed cover glass, a cutting-edge touch screen application that is lighter, thinner, less expensive and more reliable than existing (multilayer) glass-based touch sensors." via MarketWatch

New Dome(R) GX Series 4 Megapixel Widescreen Color Radiology Display "NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) is now shipping its new Dome(R) GX4MP radiology display, a 30-inch widescreen model offering multi-modality viewing in both color and grayscale. With resolution of 2500 x 1600, the GX4MP is ideal for reading Computed Tomography (CT) scans, MRI, PET-CT, Nuclear Medicine, Digital Pathology and Ultrasound." via MarketWatch

Sony KDL-40EX653 TV: First Test Results "Generally, sub-pixels offer wider viewing angles when aligned vertically, so in the EX653, viewing angles from the sides of the screen (which are ultimately more important) could suffer." via DigitalVersus

So, What’s The Best Screen Size For Tablet? Answer: 9″. "After trying all of that on all the three screen sizes, it became apparent that most of the tasks require bigger real estate. Reading books, emails, playing games, watching movies is relatively more pleasing on a bigger screen." via CrazyEngineers


The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.2.2012

Image via The Digital Reader

Onyx Now Working on a Lighted E-ink eReader "Right now everyone is quietly anticipating Amazon releasing a frontlight-equipped Kindle, but it seems like they might be beaten to the punch by a small Chinese ereader maker. Onyx has just posted a video showing their latest prototype, and from what little I can make out in the darkened room it looks impressive." via The Digital Reader

Latest multifunction marine displays from Raymarine feature u-blox GPS (AMY-6M GPS) "Armin Böshenz, u-blox VP of Sales, EMEA, said: “Raymarine’s latest multifunction displays leverage multiple features of our leading GPS module technology, including compact size, high-sensitivity, wide operating temperature range, and immunity to RF noise. These are all important criteria when navigating at sea, and we are pleased that Raymarine has decided to partner with u-blox as their GNSS supplier.”" via electropages

iPad’s Smart Cover Might Get Its Own Flexible Display "The [patent] application, originally filed in August 2011 and made public today, describes “thin flexible display technology” which can be integrated into the cover. This secondary display, Apple believes, would “greatly enhance” the overall functionality of the tablet."" via Mashable Tech

New Patent For LCD Temperature Tolerance "Supplementing the background information on this patent, VerticalNews reporters also obtained the inventors' summary information for this patent: ..."The present invention provides a gate driving circuit capable of preventing a malfunction under condition of high and low temperatures."" via

MacBook Screen Cautionary Tale "The cable, coming straight out of the connector, then pushed it on top of my MacBook: Not having noticed what had happened, I closed the screen. Apparently, the glass on Apple’s new screens is really thin, because it immediately broke. ...And perhaps the thicker glass on the older MacBooks would have survived this accident. Tiny design decisions can add up." via ignore the code

19.5 million iPad panels to be shipped in 3Q12 "iPad panels are produced using a-Si TFT and oxide TFT technologies currently, and Apple will increase use of oxide TFT panels shipped by Sharp for the new iPad, the sources indicated. In addition, Apply is decreasing the proportion of total shipments of iPad panels from Samsung Electronics and increasing those from Sharp and LG Display, the sources noted." via DigiTimes

TouchSystems Integrates Award-Winning High Bright Display "The X 46 High Bright is a professional-grade, large-format display that has been designed to meet the rigors of 24/7 operation in outdoor environments. The display boasts high brightness and contrast ratios. The LCD panel has been coated with a quarter-lambda polarizing film, allowing the display to be viewed even when in direct sunlight. The display’s features make it a favorite among quick-service restaurants and the transportation industry; the display is utilized as either a drive-through menu board or an informational display." via


Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated Systems, Inc., a global display distributor. We supply display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, Tablets, and more. Call us for sourcing and purchasing: (978) 465-6190


The Display Industry News Roundup for 8.1.2012

On-Lap 1302: a portable second display for laptops "Though the On-Lap 1302 display itself is rather ho-hum, you can have a two display setup wherever you go, even if you’re working out of your local library or coffee shop." via Macworld

Which do you prefer, LCD or AMOLED? "I know people who prefer AMOLED over LCD simply due to the fact that colors are more vibrant. But, I think I’m losing interest in AMOLED for that same reason. Using LCD displays, like the ones installed in the iPhone 4S or the One X, have turned me in their direction based off daily usage. I like realism, if that makes sense." via phonedog

Microsoft's Google Glass rival "Here's one crucial difference between Google's approach and Microsoft's: Google thinks the display should face your eyes, and Microsoft thinks the display should project outwards." via CNNMoney

Microsoft Research shapes future of HD displays "The 2,160-inch HD screen at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, cost $40 million. "What we're really interested in is a future where this is just wallpaper, and we can cover anything -- where this circuit here is incorporated into your wallpaper," according to the video demo." via

Rumor: The Next iPhone Could Experience Delays Due To Limited Supply Of A Key Part Of The Screen "According to DigiTimes, several of the companies Apple relies on to produce display panels for the iPhone cannot generate enough of a profit from the new in-cell touch panels that are being used for the next iPhone. As a result, Apple's suppliers may not be able to ramp up production of these parts enough to meet the demands for the iPhone 5, which could delay shipments." via Business Insider

Tablet PC Boosts Safety and Productivity in Marine Exploration "In order to use a computer on a dive boat, it must have a sunlight-readable LCD display. The T7000's bright daylight-readable screen was well suited for use outdoors, and even in direct sunlight. During our week-long expedition we encountered a lot of bright sunshine as well as a good deal of saltwater splashing and dripping. The T7000 screen was up to the job and remained perfectly viewable under all conditions." via The Ruggedized Computing Blog

Apple MacBook AH-IPS Retina Panel Identified "Through a dismantling of the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, ifixit have identified that the panel being used appears to be an LG.Display (aka LG.Phillips) LP154WT1 (SJ)(A1) GD panel." via TFT Central

Test validates functionality of Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System II/h "The JHMCS II/h allows a pilot to aim sensors and weapons wherever he or she is looking, through the use of new head-tracking technology and a display projected onto the helmet's visor. Produced by Vision Systems International (VSI), this system provides significantly improved ergonomics and reliability, at lower cost, than VSI’s prior JHMCS system." via Defence Professionals


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The Display Industry News Roundup for 7.31.2012

Image via The Wall Street Journal

Olympics Turns Stadium Audience Into Pixels "Organizers of this £27 million production, about $42 million, equipped each member of the audience with a black 10-inch paddle, dotted with nine light-up LCD squares and wired into a central computer. Packed around the oval stadium, the pixel people formed what's likely the world's largest video screen and almost certainly its first cyborg version." via The Wall Street Journal

Cerevellum Hindsight 35 Rearview Biking Computer "The device itself is essentially a 3.5-inch screen mounted to your handlebar with a cable that connects to the camera. An optional heart rate monitor and speed sensor allows for on-the-fly measurements that appear on screen as you ride." via TechCrunch

Futuristic Short Film on Head Mounted Displays

All-New 7-Inch HD LCD Production Monitor From Digital Juice Perfectly Frames The Action "Designed to be used as an external video display in a production environment, this HD LCD monitor unit allows you to step back from the camera to frame and capture the action in comfort without having to look through the camera's built-in viewfinder." via CreativeCOW

Samsung working on 11.8-inch tablet with WQXGA display "The tablet is codenamed as “P10” and is said to have a 11.8-inch display with resolution of 2560×1600 pixels." via Sammy Hub

TV and computer vendors to display new products at TICA "TICA will run from August 2-6 and will be located at Hall 1 at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC)." via DigiTimes

Small- and Medium-Sized Display Panel Shipments Rise in May "Overall, SMD shipments in the second quarter are expected to be sluggish, with many suppliers using this time to flush outobsolete displays from inventories while increasing their stock of new and enhanced panels for the upcoming quarter.Demand for SMD panels is expected to grow in the third quarter— the active selling season — coinciding with the release ofnew consumer electronic items that use SMD displays." via iSuppli

MMD Expands Philips Digital Menu Board Series "The new Philips 47” BDL4771V features technologies to enhance the viewing experience of digital menu boards in public areas. The Philips display includes an In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD panel for vivid and rich picture quality at 1.07 billion display colors. The large color spectrum creates precise color saturation and contrast for a wider viewing angle in both portrait and landscape orientations. The IPS display technology also produces image consistency from screen to screen in multi-screen implementations. This feature is ideal for ensuring viewers can clearly read signage content from all angles among an array of displays in a menu board configuration." via Pitch Engine

Mixed Signals On iPad Panel Production "From the panel maker point of view, producing the high resolution new iPad panel to Apple’s specifications is a significant challenge with either TFT technology. A simple calculation shows that on a price-per-pixel basis, new iPad panels are significantly cheaper than iPad 2 panels, since the pixel count increased by a factor of 4 while the price premium is less than 2X (our assumption is that the price of iPad 2 panels is $55 while new iPad panels are $95)." via Display Search Blog

‘Brightest’ glasses-free 46-inch display arrives "Current digital signage almost all still use traditional 2D displays and poor content,” said Jean-Pierre van Maasakker, CEO of Zero Creative. “This way they are increasingly losing the attention of the target audience. Introducing this new level of extreme brightness combined with a glasses-free 3D image is a giant step forward for the digital out of home market.” via 3D Focus

After Google, Apple plans to launch futuristic glasses "The patent filed by Apple on January 20, 2011 reveals a new innovation by the firm that could be used to increase the pixel density of a digital display placed over someone''s eye through mechanical actuation and describes wearable video glasses that use a tiny battery, which could display video as clear as the iPhone 4S with its Retina Display." via Zeenews

"Wall Computing" has arrived "What are the implications of this technology? In the July 9 edition of Strategic News Service, Mark wrote: "For those who still don't get the magic, think of this not as gesture, pinching, multi-touch, or gesture-driven, but rather as a wall computer upon which your whole management team can work simultaneously, sharing data, accessing various company databases around the world, and making realtime decisions about responses to problems."" via KPLU


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The Display Industry News Roundup for 7.27.2012

Sony sold over 10,000 TriMaster EL professional OLED monitors "Sony's OLED monitors provide a superior image quality compared to LCDs, and the cost difference is not so large because in these premium products the cost of the panel itself is a small portion of the total product cost." via OLED-Info

Did Samsung manage to produce a 350 ppi OLED panel using FMM? "One of the major advantages of current LCDs over OLED panels is the higher possible density (Apple's Retina display for example reaches 326 ppi), so this may be a huge boost for OLEDs." via OLED-Info

Touchscreen Where Physical Buttons Can Appear and Disappear

"Tactus has developed a new touchscreen where buttons can physically morph up out of what seems like flat glass, then disappear when not needed." via Core77

Neonode to Provide Touchscreen for OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop "OLPC, the parent organization that works to get educational laptops into third world schools, is going to release a new device that uses the Neonode’s touchscreen technology." via The Digital Reader

Intel to promote new panel technology at ultrabook ecosystem meeting in Taiwan "Intel has invited Taiwan-based ultrabook supply chain makers to attend an Ultrabook Ecosystem Symposium on July 31 in an attempt to propose various solutions to improve performance-cost ratios, with a focus on high-definition display panels and touch solutions including IGZO panels developed by Sharp and PenTile panels developed by Samsung Mobile Display, according to industry sources." via DigiTimes

Google Adds Touchscreen Handwriting Feature for Search

""Say you’re standing on a busy street corner, in a bumpy taxi ride, talking with a friend, or sitting on the couch with your tablet. Handwrite enables you to search by just writing letters with your finger most anywhere on your device’s screen -- there’s no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing," writes Rui Ueyama, Software Engineer at Google." via tom's hardware

Dallas Police Department’s Fusion Center Next Generation Control Room "Using the strengths of both DLP® projection and LED technology, Christie MicroTiles offer substantially brighter images and a much wider color palette than conventional flat panel LCD and plasma displays. With no practical limit to the number of tiles in a display, Christie MicroTiles produce a virtually seamless canvas with an unlimited number of super-fine pixels." via Digital Journal


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And Now For Something Completely Different...


The Display Industry News Roundup for 7.26.2012

Image via 3D Focus

Volumetric 3D display based on a DLP projection prototyped "The prototype volumetric display has a resolution of 150 million voxels and is currently only able to display a monochrome image. However, it can display transparent 3D video and viewers can walk around an object to see different angles." via 3D Focus

Global display industry expected to recover in second half "So Hyun-chul, an analyst at Shinhan Investment Corp., said worldwide demand has contracted recently, but problems caused by over-supply are easing, with prices likely to remain steady or move up modestly in the second half." via The Korea Times

Apple Cannot Fulfill Demand for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Screen "Given the fact that Apple can get enough Retina-class screens for its iPhone and iPad devices, it is hard to imagine that the company could not obtain enough 15" screens for its latest MacBook Pro. Still, given the fact that the new MBP adopts completely new system architecture with SSD storage, new type of display and new type of unibody case, manufacturing problems are likely to occur to the laptop." via Xbit Laboratories

Transparent LCD Screen that can track faces and change what the viewer sees

"The depth-sensing camera knows when you’re in front of the display, and it recognizes where in 3D space your face is. Then our software can interactively respond based on your face’s orientation." via Second Story

AUO plans to showcase large-size AMOLED panel samples by end of 2012 "AUO president Paul Peng said the AMOLED production process has been difficult but that the team developing the technology has been making breakthroughs. Peng further elaborated that the focal points for AMOLED are not solely its production process and product design, but also with upstream materials and downstream branding in order to give the technology the value it deserves." via DigiTimes

Those 27-inch IPS displays from Korea are for real "If you frequent our forums or other PC enthusiast-focused corners of the web, you may have heard the whispers about the new breed of monitors being sold in Korea under various brand names for astonishingly low prices. They sound almost too good to be true: expansive 27" displays at the formidable resolution of 2560x1440 selling for peanuts, between $300 and $400, well under half the price of a similar display from the likes of Dell." via The Tech Report

What Would You Do with a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro? "The 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro has a screen that employs 1,280 x 800 as its native resolution. That’s workable for everyday stuff, but much too small if you’re working in apps like Logic Pro or Photoshop (or frankly even GarageBand). By contrast, the 13-inch MacBook Air employs a 1,440 x 900 native screen. Why not make that the default resolution on a 13-inch Retina Pro?" via Time Techland

Wristband input could be the future of gaming "The PC-focused company isn't currently planning any groundbreaking input products, but Newell speculated about "post-touch" systems that could use hand or even tongue motions and long outlast current touch interfaces, which he sees as "short-term."" via TheVerge

Glassless 3D comes to Corporate Events "Corporate Events are proud to introduce a striking innovation in the form of glassless 3D plasma screen technology for live events. Using the latest development in stereoscopic technology, amazing depth of field and focal range can be achieved, creating a compelling audience “pull” to the content display." via Corporate Events


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The Display Industry News Source for 7.25.2012

Image via DiagnosticImaging

Virtual Holography: The Next Step in 3D Imaging? "“Doctors have to mentally deliberate as they evaluate images and they’ll have to try to look at different views to get more information and determine if what they see is the tissue they want to evaluate,” Aguirre said. “A lot of clinically significant information gets lost by looking at 2D views of 3D anatomy.” Aguirre wants to provide is a “true 3D visualization platform” that allows a reader to see subjects as 3D objects that he or she can manipulate and interact with." via DiagnosticImaging

Apple's Wild New Patent Covers TV & Advanced 5D Technology "Today's granted patent generally relates to a new type of data entry device for computers and other electronic equipment generally in the category of digitizers and touch screens having several unique properties. It is based primarily on the electro-optical determination of temporary surface distortion caused by the physical input signal, or force, creating the distortion (e.g. a finger "touch"). ...Our report points out just some of the key areas that this patent covers." via Patently Apple

Toshiba Excite 7.7 Review: The AMOLED display is stunning "While this tablet's larger siblings sport LED backlit displays, Toshiba has outfitted the smallest of the lineup with an AMOLED display. The results are stunning. The display offers fantastic viewing angles, and screen images are crisp, even in bright  light." via TabTimes

STRATACACHE Launches Digital Menu Board Customer Experience Center "“The STRATACACHE DMB Experience Center is the ideal destination for the latest digital menu board technologies,” said Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO. “We invite anyone interested in learning more about how digital signage and digital menu boards can impact their business to visit the center.”" via STRATACACHE

Expert says Google's Nexus 7 has display problem "Raymond Soneira at DisplayMate Technologies claims that while the tablet's LCD panel has much to offer, the calibration of display parameters - usually performed through firmware - is "way off", which makes images appear washed out." via panARMENIAN

Digital display system for train cars "The ‘Canopy’ is a concept that would attach to the roof of a train car to give riders a view of the outside world they’re passing. The flexible ‘e-paper’ would show passing landmarks and weather information." via psfk

London Restaurant with Digital Menu Touch Tables "One of the restaurant’s unique features are menus projected onto tabletops, allowing diners to order food and beverages interactively, to change the ambiance of their individual table, to play games and even to order up local information and services, such as booking a cab." via Contemporist

Daktronics Releases New Fuelight Series Petroleum Price Display ""The primary goal for this new series was to give the market a modern looking display with increased reliability. The combination of exceptional reliability, simple and effective design and low selling price places the Fuelight 3000 display as the undisputed value leader in the industry," said Mike Gunderson, Fuelight product manager, Daktronics, Brookings, S.D." via Digital Signage Connection

Dell launches mega powerful 3D laptop "The M4700 is a 15inch model and the higher spec M6700 is a 17” model which also features edge to edge Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 for brighter images, increased resilience, protection and 3D capability." via 3D Focus

L-3 to Provide Video Display Terminal for MC-130J "L-3 Display Systems was selected by Lockheed Martin to provide the Combat Systems Operator (CSO) Video Display Terminal (VDT) for the MC-130J. ...L-3 is designing and manufacturing the 15-inch rugged display with dual-mode night vision image system-compatible backlight technology." via Aviation Today

Acer Timeline Ultra M5 Review: Big Screen, Few Pixels "The biggest draw--and regrettably, the biggest disappointment--of the Timeline Ultra M5 is its 15.6-inch screen. ...Once you gt past its low resolution, the screen looks pretty good. Colors seemed accurate, though a bit washed out at times (especially at higher brightness settings), and off-axis viewing angles were solid." via PCWorld


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The Display Industry News Source for 7.24.2012

Image via PC & Tech Authority

Wacom launches 24in multi-touch tablet for design pros "This 24-inch tablet is a full digital drawing board with over a billion colours on its screen ...There's a pen for drawing, but this tablet's killer app is multi-touch: you can use gestures and swipes to pan, zoom or rotate an image; or if you're creating a 3D model, you can manipulate it using your fingers." via PC & Tech Authority

Say Goodbye to the Mirasol eReader "Mirasol is one of the several revolutionary screen techs that came and went in the past few years, and like most of its competition there were hopes that it might succeed in the consumer market where Mirasol’s low-power operating costs might provide a great enough benefit to justify the high cost of making the screen." via The Digital Reader

FRAUNHOFER WORKING ON SMUDGE-FREE TOUCHSCREENS "Dr Michael Vergöhl, head of department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschweig and head of the Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance, said: "If you apply a thin coating of titanium dioxide to a glass surface such as a smartphone screen, the skin oils and fingerprints gradually disappear from the display by themselves."" via inAVate

Can the LCD panel industry rebound? "With increased competition rising in the panel sector as well, panel orders are becoming harder to come by, which is adding to panel makers' doubt about sufficient panel profits and confirming that these trends will decrease stock prices." via DigiTimes

Samsung and Corning commit to new Chinese LCD facility "While production is shifting from its Korean OLED plant to the new Chinese LCD facility, both companies will continue to manufacture both display technologies, outfitting Samsung smartphones and those of its rivals with vivid and toughened displays." via The Next Web

Multiviewers Simplify Control Room Monitoring "A multiviewer is a device that puts multiple images on a single display, and it is one of the hottest product categories in the industry today. That’s a little amusing, consider that the exact opposite of multiviewers was the trendy product about 15 years ago." via TVTechnology

Retail's Future: Touch Screen Showrooms "Of course, large airplanes can't neatly fit inside central London retail spaces. And although The Jet Business is located on a highly visible corner, admission is by appointment only. Employees and customers have access to a large suite of touch-screen-based information systems, extensive market research systems, and a custom 26-foot display screen connected to a database of the world's business jets to match luxury customers with their future private jet." via Fast Company

Broken iPod Touch: Repair or replace? "I watched a couple YouTube videos demonstrating the screen-replacement process. They made it look fairly easy, but it's not -- especially if the screen is really busted up ...Moral of the story: Unless you're really adept with tiny electronics, it probably makes sense to pay a pro to handle the repair." via C|Net


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The Display Industry News Source for 7.23.2012

Image via Ultrabook News

Vizio 15.6-inch Thin + Light ultrabook review "Vizio has a history of negotiating with display manufacturers, and you can see that experience in the CT15 Thin + Light's beautiful screen. The 15.6-inch, 1080p IPS panel doesn't have incredible pixel density or a exceptional color gamut, but it is decidedly crisp and clear, blacks are noticibly deep, and the dark bezel (also see: Samsung's Series 9) can help give that screen the illusion of floating on air." via TheVerge

Microsoft looks to bring back the light pen "A light pen typically takes the form of a stylus which contains a small photoreceptor in its tip. This stylus tracks the light emitted by activated phosphor on a cathode-ray tube display - although later models work with liquid-crystal displays too - in order to figure out where on the screen the user is pointing." via bit-tech

Panel makers express concern over 2H12 panel growth "Various makers have attributed their uncertainties due to financial instabilities in Europe despite them not reporting losses in 2012 and seeing substantial growth in small- and medium-sized panel sales. ...Panel makers are planning out there strategies for the second of the year and are looking forward to orders for ultrabooks, new smart TVs and various smartphones." via DigiTimes

Vizio meets the MacBook "...the screens on the 15.6-inch Vizio models I saw were pretty stunning. No, they can't match the pixel density of the MBP Retina but they were bright (one the brightest 15-inch screens I've seen) with vibrant, rich colors." via C|Net

ETFs For The Touchscreen Revolution "Increasing competition from Samsung devices and Microsoft’s (MSFT) recently announced Surface further showcase how the touchscreen revolution is thriving on, and at the same time bolstering, innovation in the technology sector" via ETFdb

Solar Radiation on Digital Signage "The issue of solar radiation and reflections has been well studied in the vinyl siding industry as it is a common cause for product replacement. The LCD being new to outdoor environments will expereince many of the same conditions." via Flat Panel Display Blog

Korean Combat Cell Phones "Nett Warrior gives Team Leaders and Squad Leaders (and eventually each infantryman) a smart phone, perhaps still using an eyepiece as a display (attached to the helmet and flips down for use) and the smart phone/tablet touch screen to control the thing." via Strategy Page

What is IPS, and why is it desirable? "TN panels can achieve greater brightness levels than most IPS variants, and they have much faster refresh rates, which makes them better for stereoscopic 3D applications." via PC World


The Display Industry News Source for 7.20.2012

Image via DDaily

Samsung to manufacture flexible AMOLED displays this quarter? "The new Youm panels will be very thin — around 0.6mm — in comparison to the current-generation which measures around 1.8mm. Although the Korean conglomerate has shown off bendable, rollable displays in the past, DDaily says that the initial production run will still be protected by inflexible glass." via TheVerge

Demand for touch panel materials increases "Touch screen panel materials such as ITO, OCA and cover lens are in high demand due to increasing tablet and smartphone shipments, according to sources. New tablet and smartphone models are being made in order to compete with Apple's new iPhone and iPad, which is causing panel makers to see a rise in both material orders and competition, said the sources." via DigiTimes

LG introduces new IPS Monitors with Cinema Screen Design and MHL! "The IPS7 series uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels rather than conventional Twisted Nematic (TN) technology found in most monitors. This brings advantages in picture quality and color consistency, letting users enjoy the most vivid and true-to-life colors around. The IPS7 series produces an incredibly smooth viewing experience, without the blur that often accompanies rapid motion in action scenes, sports and video games. This means less stress on the eyes, even when using the monitor for an extended period of time. With improved response times when viewing motion pictures, users can enjoy the benefit of the smoothest entertainment experience around." via Akihabara News

Is a Stampede of Big LCD Displays Approaching? "An ever-increasing number of dealers are now substituting the 80-inch TV for projector installations, motivated by client demand and a significant reduction in cost over a two-piece projection solution with motorized screen and ceiling mounts. ...As I mentioned earlier, the consumer TV business is in the tank for all but a handful of companies right now. But there is plenty of demand for commercial installation of these products either as public displays in areas with high ambient light or as replacements for two-piece front projector installations." via HDTV Magazine

Brazil stops backing Foxconn's planned display fab, wants them to make OLEDs, not LCDs "Foxconn is also the parent company of Chimei Innolux, so it has several possible sources of OLED production technology. If indeed they will decide to build a large OLED fab in Brazil, this could pave the way towards Apple's first OLED product" via OLED-Info

Journal of Radiology Inc. Signs License Agreement With Interactive Spaces For Its Technology "Interactive Spaces is a Canadian based company specializing in touchless, gesture recognition - hand and body motion enabled, multi-touch software solutions that provide an innovative new way of interfacing with consumers. This technology is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways of engaging people in a public space – providing both entertainment and relevant information." via The Sacramento Bee

The iPad kiosk debate continues "But, I do not see iPad kiosks as the future of the kiosk world. What I think it did was to help people rethink kiosks and create new ways of building an even better interactive display. Plus, the trend in the industry is moving toward larger displays with each passing year. In the years I've been in business, I have gone from 15-inch touchscreens to 46-inch HD screens equipped with real-time interactive mapping. While iPads can offer a trendy solution, they just cannot match the eye-catching picture of large screen HD display, especially in public. The larger screens are a huge attractor to passersby, especially in heavily trafficked areas like a hospital or a mall." via Self Service World

LG Display, SNU join hands for next-generation displays The company said that the two sides will establish the LGD-SNU Cooperation Center within the university’s Research Institute of Advanced Materials to push forward in making Korea the “Mecca” of the world’s leading R&D in display. The corporate-academic center will house top engineers, researchers and professors from the university and LG Display who can work as a team to develop proprietary display technology, including organic light-emitting diode." via The Korea Herald

Nintendo Wii U: LCD Touchscreen "Wii U will offer a new controller, called the "GamePad," with a 6.2-inch LCD touchscreen that promises to eclipse traditional controller displays. The GamePad will incorporate both traditional analog sticks and touchscreen capability for a more advanced handheld gaming experience. It will also allows users to continue gaming when the TV is turned off, by viewing the game on the controller's high resolution display. GamePad specs also include motion control, camera, microphone, speakers, rumble features and a sensor bar." via Stack Gamer

Audi Opens Car-Free Digital Showroom

Music Box Powered By iPad Screen

Aware Bear Computers Now Repairs Apple iPhone 4 and 4s Shattered Screens Broken LCDs and Cracked Digitizers in the Greater Rochester, NY Area "Aware Bear Computers charges $70 to replace a cracked or broken front glass on the Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. Not all models allow us to replace just the damaged glass; the newer Apple iPhones require the replacement of the whole front assembly, since the glass and LCD are glued together. The in store flat rate charge to replace the whole screen assembly is $130. This is a great way for people to save money and avoid paying over $650+ on a new Apple phone when purchased at full retail price” Mentions Andre Leite Alves from Aware Bear Computers." via PRWeb


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The Display Industry News Source for 7.19.2012

Old Airport Dot Boards Go On Steroids, Get Interactive "A Brooklyn-based interactive team called Breakfast has used the electromagnetic fot ticker boards that you may have seen at rail stations and airports and turned them into fully interactive windows." via Sixteen-Nine

Smartphone Shoppers Prefer Larger Displays "T-Mobile cited this survey as one reason behind its recent decision to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note, a "phablet" that has a 5.3-inch display with 800 x 1280 pixels. T-Mobile says the larger display makes "enjoying HD content and getting work done easier than ever."" via InformationWeek

The Exceptional iMac G4: Ten years later "With the launch of the flat-panel iMac G4, Steve Jobs declared, “The CRT is officially dead.” But the transition had already been underway: less than a year earlier, in May 2001, Apple had phased out its last modular CRT display, the 17in Apple Studio Display. By early 2002, the original iMac G3 remained the only CRT-bearing Mac left in Apple’s inventory. Interestingly, Apple backpedalled a bit with the release of the eMac (also launched in 2002), which relied on a CRT monitor to keep costs down for educational customers. But after that, it was flat panels or nothing for Apple." via Macworld

Digital Signage Viewpoint: Is the Sun Rising or Setting on LCD Display Sales? "Global shipments of flat panel LCD displays used for digital signage and other public display applications declined in the fourth quarter of 2011, marking the first sequential quarterly decline in three years, according to recently released data from NPD DisplaySearch, a global research and consulting firm specializing in the display supply chain. The decline comes after a two-year period of impressive growth for the public display (also called the "large flat panel display") category. Between 2009 and 2011, this market segment witnessed 65 percent growth in unit volume production, the display market research and analysis firm said." via AV-iQ

Sony’s First Ultrabook Targets the Budget-Conscious "The Vaio T has a 13.3-inch display with a 1,366 by 768 pixel resolution. Colors looked a bit dull, and pictures and videos weren’t overly bright or sharp. The lower resolution also means you have to scroll a bit more to see what’s onscreen, but you do get a decent-size touchpad that supports multitouch gestures to help you navigate various pages and switch between tasks. It worked well in my tests as I was able to return to the desktop by swiping down on the touchpad with four fingers and move between Web pages and photos by swiping left or right with three fingers." via All Things D

Intel working on touch-enabled ultrabooks "Chip maker Intel is powering full steam ahead on its ultrabook vision with more than 140 ultrabooks powered by its Ivy Bridge chipset in the works - up from the 110 it said it was working on in May. Of those, 40 will be touch-enabled ultrabooks sporting both a qwerty keyboard and a touch-sensitive display, said Intel CEO Paul Otellini during the company’s recent investor call." via Hindustan Times

Samsung's 75-inch ES9000 flagship smart LCD TV coming to US for $9,999 in August "Samsung is focusing on its luxurious design with a 0.31-inch curved bezel that's clad in a seamless "rose-gold-colored" finish and features a hidden, pop-up webcam. No word yet on detailed specifications, but it has local LED backlighting and is said to have the highest contrast ratio of any Samsung smart TV to-date." via TheVerge

How 3D TVs and other displays work "It isn’t too hard to appreciate how a camera with two lenses is able to record the two (left-eye and right-eye) images necessary for 3D. What’s much more difficult is designing a viewing system that ensures that each eye sees only one of those two images. Over the years countless types of stereoscopic display have been devised." via PC Advisor

Use capacitive sensing to Implement reliable liquid level sensing "Capacitive sensing technology has become the primary technology underlying touch interfaces.  However, capacitive sensing is not limited to creating dynamic buttons and sliders on different appliances for the user interface. There are numerous applications where capacitive sensing can replace traditional ways of implementing specific functions like liquid level sensing, humidity sensing, and sensing of metallic objects. This article will discuss how to implement liquid level measurement using capacitive sensing technology." via EE Times

Projected capacitive touch - ITO layout evolution "As one after another handheld consumer electronics gadgets such as tablets and smartphones emerges in the market, touch panel technology, with its capability to enable smaller devices, lower manufacturing cost and intuitive user experience on small screens, is no longer confined to conventional industrial/commercial applications like kiosks, KTV jukeboxes, machines at production lines, POS and ATM. It is gradually replacing traditional keyboard/mouse as the major interface for man-machine communication and interaction on personal devices. DisplaySearch forecasts that global touch control module shipment will reach 1.4 billion units by 2015 with a revenue totaling US$9 billion. Japan's Fuji Keizai also estimates that by 2016, the market will grow 110.5% from 2011 with a total output at JPY775.3 billion." via DigiTimes

Prime View, Hydis License FFS Display Technology to Sharp "Industry executives pointed out that Sharp needs the licensing to win Apple’s contracts to make Apple iTVs. Apple has applied the technology to iPads and iTVs. ...Liu estimated FFS application will extend beyond smartphones and tablet PCs to laptops and TVs soon." via CENS

In Easy Steps: How to replace the broken iPhone 4/4S screen "Though the back can be removed easily by letting loose two screws and sliding open the cover. However, the screen, as it goes with Apple products, is a  work cut out for a patient and tech-savvy person. But it is not to say that the task is impossible." via News Pakistan

N-trig Single-Chip Solution Brings Pen and Multi-Touch Computing to the Small Screen "While competing solutions require either two sensors or multiple chips to support pen and multi-touch, N-trig is the first company to offer both on a single chip and a single sensor, providing device manufacturers with a compact, low-power solution and paving the way for N-trig to enter the handheld market. The newest DuoSense chipset is optimized for a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 5" handhelds to 11" tablets, and offers an Analog-IC that allows for support of up to 15.6" portable PCs." via MarketWatch


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